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Toy Topic: How many of the same figure do you buy?

Alright it's story time!

When I lived in the Dominican Republic, I wasn't a toy collector. I was a comic book fan. I had heard some musings about Todd Mcfarlane's Spawn toys way back then. But I wasn't interested. I mean what grown up plays with toys?

When I moved back to the states I collected comic books I went to conventions and stacked up on every important issue of comics that Wizard: The Comics Magazine pointed out, and every so often I would buy some X-Men Gashapon from the nearest video game store.

The first toys I stated to collect were Toy Biz's X-Men ones, I got some from Street Fighter vs X-Men and I also got some from a Space Riders line that included Jean in her cartoon uniform.

In that time I also picked up some Playmates Star trek 12 inch figures and the Enterprise-E from Insurrection. They were cheap at Toys R Us at that time. I regret not picking up Captain Sisko from a KayBee's a long time ago.

That was the extent of my collecting.

I had a little box of toys, and I kept filling it up.

The culprit to today's dilemma would be Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

These awesome Japanese made robot figures impressed me with there articulation and their durability. The start to this must have been when I was talking to some of my relatives in Santo Domingo and they mentioned how my business was going.

 My desire to own a toy store is an old one, I even picked out the name to go with my comic book company. The toy store would be "Retroactive Toys" and the comic store would be "Hyperactive Comics".

So from that moment on, I started my rule of 3.

  1. One for me.
  2. One for the collection, never to be touched again.
  3. One for resale
The "One for the Collection" is because I wanted a figure that would be in perfect condition, but that if my nephews or nieces wanted to play with a toy, they could break the "One for Me" figure and I would not have a heart attack. Because I have one that is complete, but it's not in a plastic coffin.

I remember that I decided not to pick up a Transformers Generations Hot Rod, because I had given up on the "Rule Of Three."  With my 25th anniversary Joe's and Gundam 00 stuff I just bought one of each. (because the stuff is expensive!)

But when I ran out of new Gundam 00 kits to buy, I did buy some kits I wanted to double build.  All of which are on my eBay store. Because I don't have the time to build them. Girlfriends will do that to you.

With Sigma 6  and Marvel Universe I did pick up "doubles".  I didn't get doubles of all the figures, just the ones I liked and were on sale.

With Halo Reach, I have been picking up doubles. Even before the $7.99 sale.

There are 2 factors in my way of thinking..

  1. How much I like the design of the toy.
  2. How much does it cost and can I get it cheap.
  3. Do I want to customize of modify it.
Right now I'm getting multiples of Unhelmeted Carter because they have distinct things to them. For a mass produced line there are so many things that are different of each figure, especially the wash. So far I have...

  • bearded Carter (for that hispanic flavor)
  • clean silver pauldron Carter
  • square jawed Carter (I finally realized why Carter doesn't look right, It's because the 3D model of Carter is square jawed. This figure has one side of the bottom of his head stretched out. It looks more like him. But only from one side)
  • Carter with a detached cell phone
  • Carter with a detached knife
Since he's a peg warmer it's easy to buy him. Unhelmeted Kat is next! (I want to dye her hair and place the head on a pink air assault spartan)

As mentioned before I want to customize my figures, and know that I have a perfect one for my collection.

If I destroy a figure to the point of no return, I want to know that I'm not S.O.L. when it comes to having a complete collection.

A lot of times I may get doubles with the intention of opening them, but I end up leaving them in package, selling them or returning them.

Then there is the case of the missed opportunity.

If I wanted to buy a figure but decided to leave him on the peg, either because of budgetary concerns or because it's not popular enough with me and then when I come back and it's gone. I get a sense of regret that sticks with me. This also causes me to buy the figure the next time I see it so that I don't go through that again. Yeah, I got action figure problems.

This has happened with Halo Reach's Series 2 Kat, Marvel Universe Thanos and Series 5 Brute Chieftain.

Until recently I realized that I use the excuse of buying toys for my inventory, but in my heart of hearts I want them for me. Thus preventing the Universe form letting me sell them.

I realized that I have to make myself happy and then others will be happy when the figures sell.

Another factor that comes into play is the mere experience of shopping. Women call this retail therapy. That's why you should never try and hit on a woman who's shopping. She's in the zone!

One culprit can be army building.

I have a unhelmeted noble team, and I still need Jorge to complete my regular Noble Team. (Got it for my B-Day!)

 Until it proves difficult for  me I will keep trying to collect the Halo Reach series of figures. When I think of it, if I didn't buy doubles of action figures I already have and just went on Ebay to complete my collection.I would be done. But the convenience of just picking up a figure from the pegs is too hard to resist. It's right there there is no shipping involved. It's instant gratification!

I'm sure people buy multiples to customize their figure. And recreate their in-game armor.

..a commando pauldron here, a mark V [b] head there, some ugly paint all over.

I couldn't do that! My mind would be screaming.."THAT PIECE DOESN'T BELONG WITH THAT FIGURE!!!!"

I have to keep the weapons that come with the figure, with the figure. Unless I decide and mix them all up. Which I'm doing with my loosies. If Kat comes with a magnum, I'll give her an assault rifle, but I won't take away the magnum.

Carter on the other hand comes with the spartan laser, but I know his weapon of choice is the DMR. I won't mind taking away the splazer.

I think as a last hurrah, Mcfarlane should have a box set featuring every swappable piece, and sell different color box sets. That would be awesome!

So my question to you is...

Do you collect multiples of the same figure?
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