Thursday, April 26, 2012

Toy Topic: I hate when that new item won't scan!

Hello and welcome to another toy topic, I don't like to be negative, but as a human being we're given the gamut of emotions that we have, and I think it's for a good reason.

Just don't B-.

This post also deals with employees, and collectors. Because there are 2 sides to every coin.

Get comfy, it's gonna be a while.

A few weeks ago while Target was having their awesome Halo sale, I journeyed to one of the farthest Targets I have ever encountered in my life. It's in Brooklyn and the hike from the train to the store is huge, even more so than my Valley Stream trek.

So I go in and WOWZERS! They have series 6, all of them, the whole case, all for me!

Series 6 lineup

Unlucky for me, the Target employee in charge of putting the items in the system wasn't doing his job.

Now I have heard on the Internet (can you hear the Internet? really?) That sometimes the stuff in the back has a certain date it has to be put out. And that usually when stores have sales, it's to clear out space so they can put new stuff out.

This causes various collectors to be come jerks and dumb-dumbs. (that's an old word people don't use often)

I know of 2 collectors that feel like Target employees are out to get them, because they won't get stuff from the back, or because  they knew the new Marvel Universe figures were out and the employees wanted to have first dibs (I actually know of someone who did that, I met him as a toy collectors, and then he became a target employee. But he doesn't work for Target anymore.)

I once thought of becoming an employee so I could just put what I want to a side, when packing out stuff. But just thinking about having to deal with all the "collectors" in my area....I'd rather shoot myself.

Anyways the stuff was out. It's not like they would scoop it up and take it to the back.

As another segway to this post, when the computer says that there is more in stock it can be 1 figure (Skirmisher Murmillo) or more of what's on the pegs (34 Extremis, old, 2020 and Iron Spider Men) So next time you think that there is a case of Halo Reach Series 6 three packs in the back, you might just be surprised when they bring out some Halo Anniversary box sets.

What I wanted...
What I Got!

Back on topic, I grabbed them all and threw them in my basket. Along with a good ole unhelmeted Carter, so they can scan him in lieu of them.

When I get to the register, things don't go so well. Carter scanned and so the Sabre pilot...for $11.99! (Which was totally not the sale price)

And the cashier said that she can't scan Carter for the series 6 guys. She called them on her walkie talkie and a lovely Target female helped me.

We went to the aisle, and got the sign with the sale info on it. When she asked her boss to authorize the price override, he knew what had to be done. But his 2nd in command said that the sign was only for the series 5 figures.

I had to contain my anger and point out that the sign said 5 inch. What a freaking coincidence that it was series 5 on the pegs!

5 inch not Series 5

In one instance, since the stupid Sabre Pilot scanned as a McFarlane 6 inch sports figure for S11.99, the employees were thinking of charging me 11.99 for all the figures.

Which would be great if the regular price was $14.69, but not when they're on sale. And since they didn't scan, they would have to put them in the system as general merchandise. And the Toy Manager said I wouldn't be able to return them.

At this point, I'm a bit upset. You couldn't tell if you were with me.

The reason was that I was upset at their incompetence, also I could not blame them. You can't scan a Transformers: Dark of the Moon toy in place of a Transformers Prime figure.

We as collectors know the difference, because we've had the experience of purchasing these figures. And we would know that each series will scan for something different. Most of the time.

Right now Toys R Us has 3 different prices on their individually carded Halo Reach figures. Series 5 is 12.98, series 4 is 14.98 and series 6 is 18.49. So I would be upset if they wanted to scan a series 6 figure for a series 5 figure.

By now, (with my intervention) all the toy employees are in agreement. I won! $7.99!

But for some reason (the toy manager mumbled under his breath) I could not get the Elite Zealot and the Brute Major. I had won the good fight. I wasn't about to argue for 2 more figures.

Stupid Sabre Pilot! Scanning at $11.99.... Brute! Zealot! I'll miss you!(tear)
I took the rest of the set and went home.

But my true intentions were to return them back to Target!

To Be Continued!!!
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