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The G-Man Files: Avengers Good! Battleship Bad!

I bumped into the G-man a few days ago as I was exploring two Toys R Us in Brooklyn that I haven't checked for Halo Reach stuff. Incredibly I found 2 series 3 figures for $9.98. But it was only the Female Air Assault figure. It's a good price I might go back there and pick both figures up.

Anyway he was putting up a display for Battleship Kre-O, and he told me that Battleship was just a Transformers rip off at sea. And how the Avengers is a 4 star movie. It's a little long but it's worth it. And of course stay after the credits.

Being an employee of Hasbro has it's perks, since he saw them for free. And it helps the company that their employees can get behind their product.

I was in agreement with him way before G-Man told me.

And yeah someone does say "You sunk my battleship!!!"

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