Thursday, May 24, 2012

Upcoming Halo Products

OK, Noble Team. We have new info on our upcoming objectives. Target Acquired. Move in!

Still hoping for that Banshee!

Emile comes with the Wolf Spider

Carter comes with the Falcon

Thanks Entertainment Earth!
And now for the Coup de grace!

Most of these images come from the Halo Figure Forum, which is a awesome forum.

Speculation Time!!

I've mentioned before that my older brother is a Halo Fan, and he's been reading the latest Novel by Karen Traviss. And like me he wishes that the new enemy is not the Covenant. Or the Flood! (I hate those designs.)

The back of the Novel mentions Halsey being alive, and my brother says she has some Spartans with her. And some forerunner tech will be involved with the new ship the Infinity.

I personally don't like the designs of any of the figures. My bro said he said the same thing about Halo Reach. And you can't see what the spartan warrior looks like.

The big deal we were makeing was about Master Chief "suddenly" new armor. My bro has a theory since the tail end of the "Forward Unto Dawn" is drifting to a planet that may be forerunner in origin, that maybe some forerunner tech automatically upgraded his armor.

And since at the end of Origins II (Halo Legends) Cortana just steps off her little display device and touches Master Chiefs Cryotube, something she's never done before. That Forerunner tech is affecting her too.

Me, I'm thinking the whole Halo 4 trilogy may be a dying mans dream. or that like the Halo Reach trailer where we get Old Man Carter, that the Halo 4 trailer was just something that was a work in progress.

Hey even Noble Six had a different look before the game!

I am really and I mean passionately looking forward to Micro Ops, and the inclusion of Noble Team is icing on the cake. Don't know about the structures, but the vehicles I like.

The Drop Pod is a must have! and You get the Rookie to boot!

McFarlane Toys will be at Phoenix Con this weekend. I hope we see some new stuff!!

What about you guys do you like any of this stuff?

Carter John out!
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