Thursday, June 21, 2012

Marvelous Cavalcade!

It looks like It was a good thing to Jump the Marvel Ship when I did. 'Cause now that Halo Reach is over I'm back!

Here are some pics of stuff that you can expect to collect this year!

For 6 months the only new figures we had were lame. I wanted Patriot, Psylocke and the adam Warlock and Mr. Sinister comic packs. But now we're getting a whole bunch of good stuff. JUST LOOK!

Toys R Us exclusive X-Factor Boxset

Beast is sold separately!
I think this boxset will be around $50.00. Just like the X-men Boxset from last year.
Blade and Punisher! I'll pass!
 Clayton Crain takes up artistic duties for Marvel Legends. I believe like Ed McGuiness he will also do the Marvel Universe artwork. Or maybe not.
SDCC Exclusive Masters Of Evil!

Chen Liu - The Radioactive Man

Baron (I love Pink!) Helmut Zemo

Tiger Shark! Not to be confused with the Rankin Bass cartoon

Moon (I need more weapons) Star!

Series (Beats me!) of Marvel Universe
 But since we have "In Hand" pictures of these marvel Universe figures, we should be getting them first. I'm looking forward to these more than the last "new batch" of figures.
Professor X

Non Vampire Jubilation Lee!

I love the comic shot when they look like comic covers!

Dazzler's the new back art character.

Heroic Age Heroes aka repaints and a new Hulk!

Blastaar! Marvel why u so nervous!

Blastaar's back. I'm sure it's hairy

And the only Marvel Legends I might pick up!
 That's a lot of money right there. I didn't include the X-Force Marvel Legends exclusive to SDCC boxset. But since there is no chance I will be buying it. (Unless they have it at NYCC) Then I don't care.

So what are you guys looking forward to?
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