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Greatest Battles Wave 1 2012

Entertainment Earth has these in Stock The case Ratio is as follows:

2x Wolverine vs. Hulk
 2x Silver Centurion Iron Man vs. Mandarin
 1x Wolverine and Captain America
 1x Thor and Iron Man
 1x Spider-Man and Captain Britain
 1x Colossus and Juggernaut

So if You see Colossus Vs Juggernaut You'd better pick it up!

Spiderman & Dr. Doom: Comic Pack Review

The End Of Halo Reach..The Toyline

This is the end alien friend...

Marvel Universe at SDCC

SDCC is over, and sadly there were no new Halo Figure announcements. But with the end of Halo Reach, I know I will be jumping ship soon. It's my nature.

One fan on the halo figure forum said that his Master Chief felt just like the Halo Reach figures but without the removable armor concept.

And over at halo fan for life we got a look at the armor permutations that will be in Halo 4.

Over at the Toyark, they have been posting picks from SDCC's preview night. And I think I'm gonna be hooked.

Emile - Halo Reach Playarts Kai Figure Video Review

I like Emile way better than Noble Six. It must be because this figure is more faithful to the design.

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Official Full-length Trailer (Official live ac...

Starring Daniel Cudmore (Colossus from X2 and X3) as the Master Chief. I think I'm going to get "The Package " Master Chief since that's the design they will be using for this series.

Noble Six - Halo Reach Playarts Kai Figure Video Review

I love the size of this toy but the price is a big turnoff. Lucky for me I got it for cheap.

Halo Reach Action Figures On Clearance!! TRU, Target and Kmart!

Ok True believers, remember a few weeks ago I told you that Kmart had put their Halo Reach 2 Packs on Clearance?

Well they upped the ante and added a 50% off sale to that. So a single 2 pack or armor pack will cost you $8.50!!!

Here comes San Diego Comic Con 2012!

Or SDCC for the nerds.

Since I'm not attending the only thing I can look forward to is the swag and the toy announcements.
Granted, its become more of a multimedia con, than a comic one. But I do love seeing what new stuff comes out.

The Amazing Spider-Man Review!

OK, so one of my co-workers likes saying "If you have never made a movie. Then you have no right to review one." And she's right.

But I'm still gonna do it. Warning! Spoilers abound!

Jun - Halo Reach Figure Video Review

Halo Reach Hazop Helmet

Halo Reach and Halo 4 Mini Dioremas

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Official Teaser Trailer