Friday, July 6, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man Review!

OK, so one of my co-workers likes saying "If you have never made a movie. Then you have no right to review one." And she's right.

But I'm still gonna do it. Warning! Spoilers abound!

So the movie begins with some forgettable theme music. And we see Peter Parker get bullied and assaulted for defending a nerd. Gwen thinks he did the right thing.

We're introduced to Uncle Ben, Aunt May and Dr. Connors. Peter decides to visit Dr. Connors and give him the last part of a secret equation his dad and Connors was working on.

Meanwhile we see that the doctor is being hounded by an evil henchman of Norman Osborn, who is dying.

Somewhere along the way Peter gets bitten and Doc Connors injects himself with the lizard formula.

All the while Peter becomes a spider vigilante and starts romancing gwen, after Uncle Ben dies.

Doc Connors project gets shut down and he sets up shop in a lizard filled new york sewer. WTH?

Connors goes after Peter after finding out his true identity, and then Peter follows Connors to his lab and finds out Connors wants to turn everyone into lizard people.

With Gwens help he gets an antidote, and battles Lizzie on top of the Ozcorp building.

Antidote gets shot in the air, lizard cured, captain stacey dies. And makes Peter do a "don't tell Harry promise" and leave gwen alone.

At the end, Gwen understands why Peter has distanced himself. And I guess they are just friends.

So that's the plot!

I can't say I loved the movie. Some of the action reminded me of transformers. It was so jumbled and fast paced. But maybe that was because I was close to the screen.  The part of Ben Parker was weird.  He did act like an loving Uncle and a person from an older generation.

But the great power line was actually Peter's dads. Ben just repeated it.

Peters involvement with Ben's death is minimal. They have a fight,  Peter storms out and Ben follows after.

Ben dies heroically. But I feel like it wasn't so much Peters fault. He did do a bad thing by taking a stolen beverage that was thrown to him. But in my mind it doesn't seem so bad. That's just my opinion.

The romance between Peter and Gwen is belivable. My brother said that the actors are dating in real life. So I guess that helps.

The lizards design is ugly. And I do like Dennis Leary as captain stacey. He does say the one curseword of the movie. Since it's PG-13.

I recommend watching the movie especially if your a fan. Its nothing great like The Avengers. But its fun. It didn't help that the theater was warm.

And I have no idea which direction they will be going in with the sequel. Here is my audio review, split in 2 parts. Expectations and Reality (gem, lol).
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