Sunday, July 8, 2012

Here comes San Diego Comic Con 2012!

Or SDCC for the nerds.

Since I'm not attending the only thing I can look forward to is the swag and the toy announcements.
Granted, its become more of a multimedia con, than a comic one. But I do love seeing what new stuff comes out.

I'm interested in Hasbro's Marvel exclusives. And if I can get any from Hasbro Toy Shop it's cool. If not no biggie.
I want the Masters of Evil and X-Force. The helicarrier can warm the pegs for all I care.

The Halo 4 Master Chief looks good, but there is nothing special. I will pick up the regular release of MC and the Spartans (sounds like a band).

Right now my Halo sense is focused on seeing Halo Reach stuff go on clearance.

I expect to see new announcements for Marvel Universe and Halo Universe. So I'm keeping my eyes peeled for that.
And maybe peeks at upcoming Marvel movies. Like Iron Man 3.

Wow it's gonna be a year and we still don't have her on the pegs!

So that's it for me. I hope that my expectations come true and I can find out what cool halo and marvel stuff is around the corner.
SDCC is from July 12 to 15. What stuff are you guys excited for?
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