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Marvel Universe at SDCC

SDCC is over, and sadly there were no new Halo Figure announcements. But with the end of Halo Reach, I know I will be jumping ship soon. It's my nature.

One fan on the halo figure forum said that his Master Chief felt just like the Halo Reach figures but without the removable armor concept.

And over at halo fan for life we got a look at the armor permutations that will be in Halo 4.

Over at the Toyark, they have been posting picks from SDCC's preview night. And I think I'm gonna be hooked.

Jim Lee's X-Men is now complete, well except for not "cat" Beast.

I like the Peter Parker head, but not the suit.

Inverse colors FF Spider-man?

I like the comic book look Captain America. goes great with Cyclops!

New Packaging makes this awesome!!

Big Comic, little comic!

Say goodbye to the Build A figure Concept!

In the meanwhile the SDCC variant Sentinel is showing up at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls for the low low price of 30 dollars! I haven't had any luck with the Gigantic Battles that were showing up a year ago, but maybe my Marvel Universe luck will change.

Don't have a pic of the Sentinel, but Galactus should do nicely

Or maybe my toy karma will change next year when I get back into the line.

Did you guys see anythig you liked?!

I would get the 3A Carter, but I don't know how much it would cost.

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