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Halo: The Art Of Building Worlds Book Review

Last Friday I went to my brothers house to help him take care of my niece while he recovered from knee surgery. He lent me this Halo book, which I took to work and looked at.

After being harassed by my brothers Pug, Shannon.

I'm not a big fan of movie or video game art books. Most of them focus on landscapes and some technical detail like ships and weapons. But I like Halo and wanted to see what this book had in store for me.

Price: $29.99

I expected to see this book in the $50.00 dollar range, so I was surprised by the price. I know the Halo Encyclopedia is 50 dollars so I expected this book to be the same.

343 Guilty Spark is under the book cover.

There were some familiar images like this Elite and a Spartan. I think this is art from Halo Reach.

Someones gonna get it!
Sometines there would be some cool info that was tagged along with the pictures, and I liked the most interesting parts.

So I was really interested more in the characters and their design. And I really enjoyed the info that the book provided.

But I have to say it wasn't interesting enough for me to shell out 30 dollars for it.

If you like these kind of books then go for it. But if you're more interested in the story of Halo than the concept art like I am, get the visual dictionary. That's a book I would buy 2 off!

Ain't no pussykat!

(By the way Noble Team only got 3 pages and it was nothing exceptional)

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