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Halo Reach Sale at K-Mart

Guten Morgen! I went looking for a UNSC Marine today to see if I could blow dry his helmet off.

I was going to K-mart to get a sonic poster and I decided to scan the only Jun figure they had. (This is the store on 34th street in Manhattan)

And guess what happened....IT SCANNED FOR $6.99!!!!

I don't know if this is a sale. Or if its clearance, but this is great for my custom ideas.
So go out there and buy them up! It's the cheapest price ever!

I went to the K-Mart on Metropolitan Ave, but they had 1 Kat and 1 Jun for $12.99 each. Which is strange because when K-Mart had it's clearance sale on the Halo Reach 2 packs. This store was the only one that didn't have the sale. WTH?

Today (08-30-12) I'm gonna check the 2 K-Marts in the Bronx. Wish me luck!

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