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NYC Toy Hunter!

What's up fellas! This is my new headline for the new toys that I see in stores. In the past I have always noticed cool toys that catch my eye when hunting for what I currently collect. So if you live in NYC just keep an eye out for new posts. And follow me on Instagram if you're a cool kid! It's aries0083.

I'll be uploading live, with a location stamp.

In the mean while....

On Wednesday, I went to the Target all the way on 215th street in the Bronx on the 1 train. And I found this!

That's right, son!
 Then after checking out some Rite Aids I found these in Toys R Us Times Square!

And if you want to know why I love Rite Aid so much. Look what I found!!

That's it for today. Keep your eyes peeled and I'll see ya in the toy aisles.

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