Saturday, August 11, 2012

Save on action figures at Kmart, Rite Aid and Toys R Us!

I feel guilty telling you guys this, because it never occurred to me that you can save money on action figures like I have.
Way back in December one of my co-workers made me aware of Rite-Aid's Wellness + card. When I used to work at Duane Reade I was aware of  those little discount cards that stores like to offer you. I never gave the Rite-Aid store's card a chance.
Until I was told that after you reach 1000 points you get 20% off the whole store!!

Rite Aid has a small selection of figures. In the past I got a lot of my G.I. Joe Sigma 6 figures from them. And some stores are open 24hrs!
Imagine that 24hr toys!
So I signed up. To my surprise I just recently hit the 500 point mark, and I learned that I get 10% off everything in the store.
So my Halo Reach figures went from $13.99 to $12.50. And when they carry Halo 4 figures I will save on those! I'm just sad to see you guys start off now.

And every year on the week of Black Friday they have sales on their action figures. A few years back I stocked up on Marvel Legends the Sentinel Series. Those were good times!

The second saving option is Kmart's rewards card. Although not as cool as the Rite Aid card, you get rewards on your purchases that you can redeem at a later time. Also you get rebates at the register to use on your next purchase.
I saved 7 dollars on an Unhelmeted Carter a few month ago! And I have like 2 rebates to save money on a 35 dollar purchase and a 50 dollar purchase. If you have a smart phone I recommend getting the Shop Your Way rewards app. It will let you know how may points you have accumulated.

The final saving option is the Toys R Us Rewards card. This one is the lamest, since the only benefit that it gives is a 5 dollars off coupon every 3 months or so. The other coupons which inclued discounts on Lego, and othe kids stuff are useless to me.

For all of these cards you need to go into a store and sign up.
So get off your butt and start saving!!!

See Ya In The Toy Aisles!!
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