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Aries0083's Spotlight on Wolverine

Lo! True Believers! Just to get your juices going with what I intend to do with this blog, I present to you. The first official entry. (Don't mind the one before this, like Weapon X I'm just experimenting on it.)

Now guys this isn't a wikipedia entry, it's not a word for word recount of Wolvie's history, but of the character's history with me.

I would recommend you check out the awesome "Dial B for Blog" for a good comic history lesson. But this is my blog, so this is my history.

Let's take it back all the way to 6th grade. I remember way back when..Secret Wars was popular, as were New balance sneakers. A friend of mine introduced me to 2 comics, Secret Wars and Green Lantern. The lantern comic was notable for having a kid de-compress in the void of space, followed with a countdown. I thought he was getting old, but nah. He was just dying.

The toys were also out and they were competing with the "Super Powers" collection. My neighbor's dad had some of those figures. Wolverine and Iron Man.

Wolverine came back into prominence when I went to an arcade in Santo Domingo and I saw Capcom's X-Men: Children Of The Atom game. I was blown away!

The games animation was Astounding! The characters, Astonishing! And the game play was Uncanny!

So from then on I wanted to find out more about the X-men. It also helped that around that time Pepsi was having some weird promotion where you could trade in bottle caps and money for Marvel Comics Pepsi cards. With info about story lines on the back. When I came back to the states my one goal was to get all those comics that were featured on those cards.

It didn't help that the cartoon also came to the Dominican Republic, so every one was X'ed out!

But who is Wolverine? And why do people like him so much?

One of the things that made Wolverine cool for me and most people in my generation, was mystery. It seemed that he had a lot on his plate. He was a samurai, a C.I.A. agent, his dad was Sabertooth, or was he?

His mutant ability was his healing factor. His name was Logan, Was it his first or last name? He's a loner, does things his own way even when he belongs to a team. He has honor, and that makes him likable.

But I stopped being interested in Logan like I used to be after the Origin story came out. James Howlett? WTH? The bone claws I can live with, but the name I can't. It seemed like Joe Quesada was out to ruin everything. I mean I loved the guys work on the "fatal attractions" X-Factor comic (I even got him to sign one for me) But he would later come back to torment Spider-man.

I left Comics when Professor X came back but it was really Cerebro. He had dissapeared a few months before during Operation Zero Tolerance (I think). And I said "I had enough!"

But all was good in the action figure front. Where I could make my own stories. I stuck with Marvel Legends for the longest and ToyBiz did a very good job with the molds.

When I came back, they had Wolvie join the Avengers..But he was also part of the Astonishing X-Men.

And then they had Logan remember everything he 's forgotten just like that. One day he wakes up and blammo, I know who I am! They give him a daughter (Wild Thing) in an alternate universe and a clone (X-23) and then to top it all off they give him a son! (Draken)

Granted, a character had to grow and change, but can't change be in a good and logical way?

The X-Men movies have always had Logan as a central character, and he was always the coolest. The movies and video games treated him well.

I saw the whole run of "Wolverine and the X-men" and I never thought that I could see him as a team leader, but he was a good one.

He's even OK in "Super Hero Squad" but when it comes to the comics I have no idea where the character is nor do I care. The last thing he was doing was leading "X-Force".

He is a good character capable of leading his own comics and movies. But I believe that sometimes he is over exposed. I know it's a business decision to have him in a whole bunch of comics. (one of the funniest jokes in Super Hero Squad was when he teamed up with Herbie and checked it off his list.)

So to end this entry I'd like to say. That in my heart Logan is still the man who hasn't discovered his past, has an adamantium skeleton, he's a loner and fights to protect a world that fears and hates him.
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