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Doctor Who at TRU

Exterminate The Hand Bag!

If you are a fan of the Eleventh Doctor, you can pick up some figures from the show at Toys R Us! So far the only 2 figures I've seen is Amy Pond and The Doctor with Stetson Hat. There is also a cute Timey Whiney plush key chain Tardis which at the press of a button makes the Tardis sound.

The Figures are $20.99 and the Tardis is $12.99.

I applaud Toys R Us's effort to carry Doctor Who, but I'm worried that the old doctors won't sell. They should start with the 2005 series or with Matt Smith's stuff since it's currently on BBC America (Who's website sucks there, you'll have more fun with BBC One's site)

So, Trust me....Cause I'm the Doctor.

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