Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halo: The Essential Visual Guide Book Review

Halo: The Essential Visual Guide
DK Publishing SRP: $16.99 at Barnes &Noble

As you can tell from the wear and tear on the cover, I really love this book. So much so that I wanted to buy another one and scan it page by page. But I realised I could get an extra figure for the price of this book.

Covers more than the Halo Encyclopedia, in my Opinion
Before the advent of the Internet and Wikipedia, I would always gather as much information from my fandom as I could. The Star Trek Encyclopedia and The Essential Marvel Universe Handbooks are still in my collection. So when I saw this at my brother's house I knew I had to get one of my own.

Carter, The Fearless Commander
Way before I bought this I had purchased the Avengers visual guide, which I thought was an amazing book for $12.99 at T.J. Maxx.
The Brute race only gets one page

In my humble opinion this book covers more about Halo Reach and the various armors that show up in the game, than the Halo Encyclopedia does. And that book cost $49.99 and only has a 2 page spread. Although the marines did have some pages in there, while this book doesn't even mention them.

My favorite playground

My reason for purchasing this book is more about fan fiction. While I don't make machinimas or stop motion movies there is always a back story, or an untold tale brewing in my mind. Whether it be serious or a parody. So the more I know about a world, the better I can make the stories fit.

I love this armor
It has also inspired me to create customs, using the colors in this book. My Spartan 0083 custom is based on the colors of the Spartan in the upper right corner. And my Artic Carter custom is based on the one in the "Tactical Package" inset.

Frigates are cool!
 My older brother makes scratch build ships, and I believe he uses this book also. Either that or he uses the in game engine to take a goo look at the details of whatever it is he's building.

Looks Good, but horrible to handle in the game. At least for me.
All in all this is an awesome book, it's a hard cover, full color guide to some of the most important elements of Halo. If you a fan you need to add this to your collection.

Aries0083 OUT!

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