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Happy Street and Tower Defense - Free Android Games Reviews

Happy Street For Android on Google Play
I like this game! 3 Stars Out Of 5
My Review On Play

It's like a cuter version of Farmville or Cityville. But not quite. You build your structures on a street, so your town expands to the left and to the right. Your citizens are cutesy animals that make cute noises. And the music is Final Fantasy-esque.
You build houses so your neighbors can move in. You create shops so they can buy stuff. As they get happy, you level up. You can also visit other places. Right now I have the village and the forest.
The only downside to me is that after everything is done, you got nothing left to do. And right now I can't even buy the ingredients to make a Red Dye, because it's not in the store. I don't even remember how I got the 2 I have in the first place.
It's well designed, but too slow paced. And you can play this game under ground. No Internet connection needed. Unless you want to visit your facebook friends who are playing the same game.

You Know The Drill! 3 Stars out of 5

Tower Defense is a game where you build different kinds of towers along a pre-determined path. You have different types and strenghts. I played an Avengers themed one on Disney HD's website and that one was more fun.
After a while the game play gets repetitive. But it's a good game nonetheless. And it meets my requirement of being able to play this game on the underground subway.

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