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I Survived New York Comic Con 2012!

Lighten up you're still alive!
So, as I already posted before I had little expectations for any fun times at New York Comic Con, but I went anyway.

Hasbro was not there, but their rival Mattel was there in a little booth that had a line heading to it. I suspected that it was for Zuul. I was upset that they did not have any Monster High stuff on display, but oh well I took a pick of a new packaged old Batgirl. I guess they're going back to just selling Batman stuff.
I'm sure it's just a repaint.
Halo 4 was also in attendance. I couldn't see anything because there was a gigantic line for people waiting to play the game. I love Halo, but I'm here for the Halo Reach stuff.
Master Chief had to split!
The Diamond booth was pretty good if you wanted to see new Marvel stuff, they had some cool minimates on display and a couple of new Marvel Select figures.

I like the Wolverine set, although I have no idea about all the costumes.
I still like the Marvel Select Figures, and this Nightcrawler will be a cool addition.
Expect to see him soon in stores!
The next cool booth was Tamashii Nations, they let you fiddle with their upcoming C-3PO 12 inch figure. And they had a cool display featuring some Dragonball Z SHFigurarts!

It's over FIVE THOUSAND!!!
BOOM indeed!

I also visited the Blue Fin booth, which had a ton of Gundam stuff, but nothing new, just AGE, Master Grades and High Grades.

I went to the 3A Booth to see if they had Carter, but no luck! They did have a sign that they were selling stuff at another booth. But I forgot to go.

I took tons of videos until my camera died out, I was promised a re-charging station, so on the way to the convention I didn't save any energy...That bit me in the ass. Because the charging booth was full of people, and any outlets on the floor were selectively shut down.

My Halo Reach Haul!

There were a couple of vendors that had Halo and Halo Reach stuff for sale. Some of the prices were worthy, but not worthy of me buying them. Among them was a Halo Reach Emile for $35.00 and a Spec Ops Elite for $24.99. I also saw an operative Dare from the Halo 3 line for $20.00.

Spartan Hazop from Series 1, 2 Pack cost me $7.00!
I don't have the Spec Ops, but I always say "I would rather get 100 cheap items that I like and already have , than to pay $100 dollars for something I don't have in my collection."

I'm full of wisdom!

There was a guy selling loose figures and that's where I got the Hazop from, he was a fan and he explained to me that the Halo Reach figures were great for customization. Don't I know it buddy!

He had some Joyride figures, an Elite an purple Spartan Mark VI and a Brute I almost bought.

But I'm not to crazy for the Halo 3 Brute design, so I left it.

Too much candy is not a good thing.

Cute and Borderline Diabetic!
The last thing I want to mention, is that there was a table selling these cute animals, there was Ooopsy the burping mouse, Norman Phartaphant a farting Elephant, a pink sneezing hippo and a Koala bear who's plush looked like Albert Einstein.

The lady was working the table, and was a great seller. I always say the difference between a small time shop and a retail chain is advertising. So I'm giving her a plug.

Waitaminute! The show floor closes at 7 PM, but the panels close at 10?
All in all it was pretty fun, a lot of walking was had by all. And my kidneys hurt so much I had to call out from work.  I don't think I will be attending the con next year. $35.00 dollars for a $15.00 dollar Carter is a lot to shell out. You think you're saving, but the fact is you have to add that to the cost.

The only regret I have is that I didn't have more money. I would have gotten that Emile after all. And I would have bought more Halo 3 stuff, even though I knew they were all brittle.

I have to say to anyone that might be bummed out because they missed this convention, or couldn't go...

Conventions to me, are all about the toy sales, and the $1.00 comic book boxes. I've never been into the original art. Or the personal appearances. (Although I did buy a picture of Carrie Fisher a few cons ago.)

So if you know of a Comic Book Convention that's near you, check it out you might find something.

This is Aries0083 signing off!

P.S. I got the Carter, Brute and the Gungnir from But he has nothing on Ebay and his website is closed. (I guess because he took all his inventory with him.) And I got the Rookie, The Elite Officer and the Grey Hazop from JD Comics. I know it's a comic book store in jersey, but I can't find it on the Internet.

JD Comics

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