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Inotia 4 and Agent Dash Free Android Games Review

The Chronicles Of Inotia IV on the Android gets 5 Stars!

My Review on Google Play

Unlike the Aforementioned "Epic Warriors" This game is a true RPG in all the sense of the Word.
There is a story with dialogue and cut scenes. Beautiful Japanese-esque art for the character designs. And a great menu for equipping inventory onto your characters.

Problems that come up is the fact that you can't always connect to the specialty shop. And I find the abilities menu a bit confusing. You can assign tasks for a character to learn, but I'm not clear on the requirements.

Also sometimes my character will get stuck in gaps in the walls. The controls and other things will obscure your view of him. And it's hard sometimes to walk over something a monster dropped, when you character is going around in squares. But I can tolerate that.

And you know what the best part can play this game underground!
Highly recommended!

I woder where parts I - III are?

Agent Dash on the Android gets 4 Stars!

If you like The Flash from DC Comics..

You'll like this game. You can jump, slide and shoot while dashing (and being dashing also, lolz) but the frustrating part is that there are no check points in the first stage of the game.

 After leaving the jungle for an underground lair if I die, I start all over again. So that makes me want to uninstall the game.

It looks good though. This is the first android game that feels like a Playstation game or an Xbox one. I'll try it a few times.

But I only have room in my phone for the best!

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