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Jorge - Halo Reach Ultimate Figure Review

Noble Five
"I may be old but you'll be impressed. Jorge Noble Five more experience than the rest!" Noble Team Rap

Series 1- $8.99 on Spawn.com
Series 4 - $14.99 in Rite Aid and $11.99 on Spawn.com

WHO: Jorge (pronounced George) is the gentle giant of Noble Team, he doesn't have a 3D scanner (like the collectibles company Gentle Giant does) but he does have a heart of gold. And he was also the heavy weapons specialist.

Jorge met his fate early when he sacrificed his life to detonate a makeshift bomb inside a covenant corvette.

I bumped into Series 4 Jorge a lot when I satrted getting into collecting the Halo Reach figures from McFarlane toys. The reason I put off buying him was that fact that he was unhelmeted.

In the past I had Emile and Jorge in my hands around the same time I bought Carter. But left them because I didn't want to start another collection.

But I gave in on New Years Day 2012, after much fustration at work. I decided I would give in and buy him.

And I've been buying the unhelemetd Noble Team guys ever since. Because they are so available!

ACCESSORIES: Unlike other figures in the Halo reach series, Jorge doe not include any grenades. He also comes with a backpack and a M247T heavy machine gun which in series 1 was called a turret. It's the same gun though.

ARTICULATION: Is standard for a spartan figure. Even if he is bigger than the rest because he's a Spartan II.

 His articulation is hampered on his left shoulder by the big grenadier armor. Which doesn't let him raise his arms all the way up. (It's not like you"re gonna have him surrender!)

OVERALL: Jorge is boring. There I said it. Jorge was the first spartan to die in the game and he doesn't have a lot going for him. His colors aren't exactly like Master Chiefs. And I'm not a fan of the Halo 1-3 master Chief armor.

That's what I think made him a peg warmer. The color green.

Or is it the fact that he's unhelmeted?

The only problems I ever encountered with Series 4 Jorge was that his backpack would not stay on. Which I used Walgreens glue for toys to keep it in place.

And the second problem was that after purchasing one, his head fell off. The reason being was that the hole where the ball on the end of his neck goes wasn't too deep. So I had to take a screwdriver and make it deeper.

In the end I had to glue the ball joint in. So I have an extra Jorge who can't turn his head.

People complained thet the visor on the figure wasn't accurate!

After repeated viewings of Halo Reach cut scenes, I wondered why I can't find series 1 Jorge if he is such a bad figure. It must be the fact that he came out so long ago. Peg warmers eventually disappear.

I recommend buying Jorge because he's part of Noble Team, the only down side is that you can't customize his armor, like the rest of the Halo Reach Spartans.

Keep suppressing!

The likeness on the unhelmeted figure isn't great. I often wondered why, if Mcfarlane had the 3D scans of these characters, why couldn't they get the human likeness good on any of the unhelmeted characters.

Jorge looks so cool in this screenshot!

What the figure needs is squintier eyes, a bushier mustache and a square-er jaw!

I believe it's because Noble Team is never unhelmeted in the game play. I've seen how awesome theater mode is on the Xbox, but you can't move the camera in the cut scenes. I'm sure Microsoft gave Mcfarlane something but not anything they could have used for the unhelmeted figures.

My Brother's Spartan...

...In Figure Form!

And as a final point, I want to say that I've purchased multiple Jorge's in order to get what I call "Clean Jorge". Most of the Series 1 figures fif not have any paint wash on the yellow part of the armor.

Clean Jorge

I've also seen this happen with the unhelmeted version of Jorge. My guess is that Mcfarlane Toys had some old Jorge bodies left behind and decided to use them.

Not Clean Jorge

As you can probably tell I am a big fan of the clean armor.

This is Aries0083 signing out!

Rating: Series 1 gets a +3 and series 4 gets a 0.

I'm sure a lot of people would have loved this set. I know I would!

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