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Caligo Chaser and Fatal Frontier - Google Play Game Reviews

Caligo Chaser gets 4 Stars!

Very Good RPG

Rocking music, although it gets repetitive sometimes. The controls are great. And the mechanics are solid.
The only problem is that this isn't a free game. It'a a demo. I think after about 7 mins of gameplay, or once you reach the point that you have to go to Bain. You have to buy the full game to continue. I have no problem with that. That's why I played this demo to completion.
But other people might have a problem with that.
Or if you really love this game, you can visit locations and level up. But as soo as you get to Bain. All that work will be for nothing.
But as a demo it's worth a try. And you can play it underground.

Fatal Frontier gets 2 Stars!

A Very Unique Game

I've never played anything like it.You don't have to get caught up in the heat of battle, because the system does most of the work for you. You can also recruit other characters as you go.
And although it does look kinda like a card battle game. It's not. It's more like a board game.
The problems that I have with this game are twofold. First- You need a network connection to even play the game. So I can't play this as I ride the Subway to work.
Second- which is the worst offender on my list. You can't even begin the game without creating an account. You can create one or link your facebook as an account.
Too Bad, so sad.

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