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The Holidays - Part 5 - John's Guide To Collecting

What's up my action figure collecting peeps!

In September people start buying stuff for Christmas. This is due in part to popular toys being harder to find later in the year.

Retailers start their sales around this time. And the closer we get to Christmas, the more sales we get. This is the perfect time to fill those holes in your collection!

Black Friday contrary to popular belief is a dumping ground for toys that don't sell. So be careful with that. Two years in a row I saw the peg warming transforming Millennium Falcon on sale at Toys R Us.

Some days for good sales include the first week of December and the last week before Christmas. Every Friday Toys R Us will have a Doorbuster sale that lasts till Saturday.

But my greatest secret is this...On the week of Thanksgiving Rite Aid will have a sale on their action figures. One year I picked up a whole bunch of the Sentinel Series Marvel Legends. Good Times!

This is also the time of year where my interest changes due to the massive amount of one particular toy line being on sale.

At the end of 2010 I left Gundam for Marvel Universe and at the end of 2011 I left marvel Universe for Halo Reach.

I'm guessing this year Marvel Legends will be on sale. I haven't seen enough cool characters for me to start collecting the line. But a sale might convince me to get the ones I like.

And as a final BONUS!

You'll start to see a lot of old stock show up in stores. Last year I found the Iron Man 2 Mandarin, Comic Whiplash and Ultimate Iron Man.

Good luck out there! And most of all have fun!

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