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Top 10 Halo Reach Figures!!!

To end the year of doom 2012, I'm making this list and checking it twice.

Sadly the most you will find in stores is series 6. All these figures are awesome. EVEN THE SABRE PILOT!!! (with his obnoxious eyebrows).

So here you go, from 10 to 1...


 10. Carter:

The leader of Noble Team and one of the coolest armor designs comes in at number 10. Not because he's the worst, but because it might be too obvious if he's number 1. I love the Commando armor, the blue color and the distinctive markings.

2012: The Action Figure Year In Review

Hello dear readers. This year I was very Halo Reach focused. And since it's almost the end of this year let's look back at what my keen action figure mind noticed in stores!

Marvel Universe:

Kat - Playarts Kai Halo Reach Figure Review

She ain't no Pussykat!

The Story Behind The Figure:
As a Christmas present to myself I decided to head down to Forbidden Planet in NYC, and see if I picked up Carter. But while there I had a change of heart, his colors were off, his head sculpt is kinda stylized and looked off. And then there was the 50 dollar price tag.

So I decided not to get it, or at least in my mind I was gonna wait till pay day.

When I went back a week later, Carter had left!! I got a bad case of "Buyers Regret" as in I immediately regretted not buying him when I had the chance. :(

They still had Kat though and 2 Noble Six's.

Toy Sightings! Dec 26, 2012

During the Christmas Rush, new toys start to show up. Here are some of the items that should be heading your way.


Halo Reach Is The Greatest Toyline Ever!

IDIC - Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combinations.

That's it. It's all right there. The reason I love this toy line. I'd like to thank the designers at  Bungie  and  the engineers at McFarlane toys for the awesome idea of swappable armor that started with Halo 3.

$7.99 Halo and Marvel Sale at Target!!

For this week 12/16 - 12/22 Target is having a sale on it's Halo Reach and Halo 4 figures. And it's Avengers and Marvel Universe figures as well! I think Star Wars and Transformers might be included as well, but I didn't bother to look! Good Hunting!

2 For $15 Dollars! - Toys R Us Action Figure Sale

For Today only! Also TRU's should be open early! Enjoy!