Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Halo Reach Is The Greatest Toyline Ever!

IDIC - Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combinations.

That's it. It's all right there. The reason I love this toy line. I'd like to thank the designers at  Bungie  and  the engineers at McFarlane toys for the awesome idea of swappable armor that started with Halo 3.

But you might say that you want to debunk me? Well let me tell you why I love this toy line and why like Silent Night Deadly Night 2, more people need to love this line.

First off it was the "team" concept that got me to notice Halo Reach. I had known about the Master Chief and Halo because my nephew played the game. But the designs are awfully bad. I remember the Prophet toy from Joyride warmed the pegs at Gamestop and EB Games.

And while the Halo 3 toys had the concept of swappable armor the small size of the figures made most of them very fragile. My second Halo figure Dutch's hand came off after I got him from Target almost a year ago (Dec, 26 2011)

The Halo 4 figures while keeping the scale of Halo Reach, lost the concept of swappable armor and got Master Chief wrong. (He should be as big as Jorge, since they are both Spartan II's)

Another great thing about the Halo Reach toy line was the introduction of the Warthog, Ghost, Falcon and Banshee.

The Mongoose already showed up in the Halo 3 line, so I didn't mention it. And although the Falcon and the Banshee didn't make it prototypes were made. One can argue that the scale of these vehicles were in the Halo 3 scale. But I beg to differ.

The use of paint wash brought up some very interesting figures that I labeled "clean" versions. Although when the wash was applied to much the results were things like "Bearded" Carter.




Non Bearded

Dirty Commando Pauldron

Clean Commando Pauldron

The last thing I want to bring up is my love for customizing these figures.In the past I had used markers to customize figures, but this time I returned to Gundam Markers, which contain paint.

The ideas that I have mostly involve Noble Team, since the figures are the ones that mostly warm the pegs and are accessible to me.

I've had ideas on making HD versions of these figures. Which involve using regular gundam markers to enhance the color of the figures.

Also I'm gonna try and make "metallic" versions of these figures, And "sparkly" versions using some special SD Gundam markers.

Metallic Markers

And finally I'm gonna make a pre- Reach Noble Team. I already used acetone to remove Jun's tattoo. And I'm working on replacing Kat's upper torso with the female Air Assault's upper torso so that she has both arms. And I'm gonna use the EVA helmet from the Air Assault (Steel) Armor Pack. And Thom as Noble Six, which is the White Mark V [B].

No Tattoo

No Stubble

So while the toy line is dead, and has disappeared from my local Targets. It lives on in Rite Aid, at least until the Halo 4 toys take over.

To this day Dec 26, I still love it. It's been a year and it's been a hell of a toy line.

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