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Introducing Star Wars Black!

No it's not Lando Calrissian's home planet! LOL

Hasbro has been acting kinda funky lately. On facebook I saw a post that they have to cut 1 million dollars from their budget, because apparently without any Transformer movies they don't have the same amount of moolah (dollar, dollar, bill ya!) they used to have.

But then we get this. Star Wars Black. I love the concept. Marvel Legend sized Star wars action figures. I've complained time and time again (to other people, I try not to complain here) That the Star Wars line is endless repackaging of old figures, with one or two new ones in the wave.

 So this new concept is awesome, and might get me into collecting most of them. I just hope there is no Build A figure concept attached to it.

I'M OUT!!!

Halo Reach Figures for $3.70! At Rite Aid!

Sorry for the great late news. I don't know if this is a sale that is ending today. Or if these items are clearanced. I hope it's the latter. 
Editor's Note (That's me!) The figures are on clearance, so if you can find them they will be $3.70!
So the items that appreaded in Rite Aids for Christmas time are the ones on sale. The regular Halo Reach figures aren't. So you can get The series 5 armor packs, The generator defense and the Spirit Of Fire "Red Team" if you can find them.

There are no labels in the aisles so just make sure you check the price.

I just found out about this sale on Thursday on a whim. So enjoy! It's a great time to love Halo Reach!

Carter - Series 5 Halo Reach Action Figure Review

*****Carter Series 5*****  Halo Reach Action Figure MSRP $11.99 from Mcfarlane Toys (with new Spartan Laser)
"Sierra 259 is the commander of the special warfare group Noble Team. And this time, he's bringing a Spartan Laser to the fight!"
This figure represents the spartan II class and stands at about 5 inches tall. Carter comes with the standard grenade and the new Spartan laser. The figure features 28 points of articulation and Carter's
armor comes in blue and grey.