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Carter - Series 5 Halo Reach Action Figure Review

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Carter as he appears in Halo Reach unhelmeted.

*****Carter Series 5*****
 Halo Reach Action Figure
MSRP $11.99 from Mcfarlane Toys
(with new Spartan Laser)

"Sierra 259 is the commander of the special warfare group Noble Team. And this time, he's bringing a Spartan Laser to the fight!"


This figure represents the spartan II class and stands at about 5 inches tall. Carter comes with the standard grenade and the new Spartan laser. The figure features 28 points of articulation and Carter's
armor comes in blue and grey.

Unhelmeted, bearded and clean!
  • This time around Mcfarlane tightened up the armor pieces on the figure. The only item that's still loose on the figure is the commando pauldron.
  • Carter's face sculpt looks nothing like the 3d model it's supposed to represent. But it has a decent human face. No lazy eyes on this genetically enhanced soldier!
  • The figure cannot hold the spartan laser the way it's supposed to be held with both hands.
SUMMARY: (high points)
  • Carter is an excellent addition to fans of Noble Team.
  • We get a new head sculpt, that can be customized and used on other spartan bodies..
  • We get a new weapon in the Halo Reach line.
  • More vibrant paint apps distinguishing it from the first release.
  • Improved knee articulation.
The Spartan Laser aka Splazer


I love Carter and you should too. I bought this first version of this figure mostly due to the fact, that I liked the armor. In fact out of all the Noble Team helmets from the Halo Reach poster, his was the coolest.

I took the clean pauldron and put it on this series 2 figure.

I vaguely recall seeing series 1 in stores. I kinda remember seeing Emile on the pegs at Target and thinking Halo Reach was Gears Of War like. (Apocalyptic landscape, all grimy and dirty)

My nephew had Jorge and Emile, so I had first hand experience with playing around with some Halo Reach action figures. I was a bit hesitant to buy anything else from Mcfarlane Toys since my Robocop's leg broke a long time ago. Guess I bought Robocop around the time when Halo 3 was being manufactured by them.

The knife looks like a separate piece.

The first time I saw Carter I thought his knife was removable. I was giddy to think that there was a figure in this market, around the Marvel Universe price range that included a gun, a grenade and a knife.


The unhelmeted version of this figure came to my attention at the end of 2011 in Target. And I remember having doubts about getting him. Back then I only wanted one of each. But as of this writing I could own a boatload of figures and be happy.

This, is....K-MART!!!

Eventually I did pick one up, because he was warming the pegs at Target. The knife had come loose from the one that I bought. I wanted to see if he could hold the knife. But the handle was too thin.

The inclusion of the Spartan Laser makes this re-release unique. He's the only member of Noble Team with a different weapon than that his first release. Carter also comes with a grenade that he cannot use. Since he has a fanny pack. But the grenade will benefit any other Spartan in your army.

The fanny pack is glued on but can be removed with some effort.

The most important part of this unhelmeted figure is his head sculpt. I don't know who this figure is supposed to look like since I can't see a resemblance in Carter. They did a decent job though.
3D Render of Carter

Action Figure Head Sculpt
 I'm guessing Mcfarlane Toys commissioned an artist to sculpt the head instead of using the 3d renders from the game. Or maybe the 3D scanner couldn't do a good job on capturing the in game model's likeness and gave us this.

The unhelmeted series 5 version has 2 unexpected bonuses. There are clean versions of the armor, and improved knee articulation.

Clean Pauldron

Dirty Pauldron

Carters that were being shipped late in the line, have less wash on the grey parts of the armor. And a stronger white paint is used for the commando pauldron and the leg. I've also encountered some figures where the grey parts of the armor are painted almost silver. And finally a lot of figures had a darker 5 O'clock shadow on them which I've dubbed "Bearded Carter."

Bearded carter

Clean Shaven Carter

In terms of the knee articulation, the range of the bend has been improved. This same mold has been used for the helmeted Carter from the "Fearless Leaders" box set.

You get a decent knee bend. Armor lock, not included.

The Spartan Laser can be held by the figure in a decent pose, but only if you modify the hands to create a trigger finger. This can be achieved by heating up the hand with a blow dryer and spreading the fingers out on a flat surface. Using an Xacto knife to separate the trigger finger from the rest.
His arm can't reach across his chest. But if you position the laser pointing to the left, Carter will be able to hold it with both hands.

Let Emile drive! He'll live longer!

If you are a fan of the Noble Team leader, this figure is a must buy. I usually round up all the Unhelmeted Carters I can get, especially the clean pauldron ones. Due to the ease I have finding this figure a year later after it's release, I would call this a peg warmer. But I don't care, it just means more figures are out there for me to buy.

So YES, get this one!

This is John-083, signing off!

This figure looks like me, right?

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