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Introducing Star Wars Black!

No it's not Lando Calrissian's home planet! LOL

This Clone Trooper is so not Black!

Hasbro has been acting kinda funky lately. On facebook I saw a post that they have to cut 1 million dollars from their budget, because apparently without any Transformer movies they don't have the same amount of moolah (dollar, dollar, bill ya!) they used to have.

Hey look, I'm in a discount store!

But then we get this. Star Wars Black. I love the concept. Marvel Legend sized Star wars action figures. I've complained time and time again (to other people, I try not to complain here) That the Star Wars line is endless repackaging of old figures, with one or two new ones in the wave.

It's not just Star Wars, buddy!
 So this new concept is awesome, and might get me into collecting most of them. I just hope there is no Build A figure concept attached to it.

I'M OUT!!!

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