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What Action figures I Look Forward To In 2013

Hey Gang, it's your absentee reviewer Aries0083! LOL

Toy Fair was last month, and to me it was a big disappointment. A whole bunch of letdowns with a side of "That's cancelled!"

So far this year I have bought a few Halo Reach and Halo 4 figures. But nothing new. That says a lot of my outlook on this current action figure year.

There are a few things though that I will pick up when I see them. And These are.....

The Wolverine Action Figures:

Most of the X-men related stuff we are getting looks bad. But I look forward to getting the various Wolverine and Logan figures in the line. (As long as they aren't ugly) And quite possible Rogue, and Cyclops from the Wolverine Legends line. I would like to have Puck. But Sabertooth and Emma Frost are to gnarly to look at.

Halo 4:

Seeing as Micro Ops has been cancelled the only Halo stuff I look forward to is the Elite Ranger, the Spartans and if he has a good face sculpt, Commander Lasky. I would have gotten Keys if he didn't look so awful.

The Didact I have to see in person. I like the idea of the swappable head, but the scale and the look of the final product have to win me over.

Marvel Legends:

I still want Deadpool when I find him. Archangel, and Wolverine. Maybe Sentry when I see him in person. But the others aren't that memorable to me. And I still hate the fact that they reduced the Build A Figure to small characters.

Legends is Back! Yeah right. I understand that the cost of plastic has gone up. But bigger scale doesn't mean instant sales. Just look at the Spider-Man 6 inch line from a few years ago. The one with the Max Gargan Venom and weird Juggernaut.

Marvel Universe:

My interest in Marvel Universe has plummeted mostly due to the fact that figures aren't that hard to get if you are a steady collector. I have yet to see a Professor X in any store. And of the new ones the only ones I want are.

Juggernaut Colossus
Jim Lee's Rogue
Beta Ray Bill
FF Spidey

I'm waiting to find these cheap, but my mind keeps hoping for a 2 for $12.00 sale. But all Toys R Us is doing is a buy 1 get one 40% off. Oh well as they say on the Internet.. Deal with it!:(

Star Wars Black:

I'm not the Star Wars guy in my family, but I'd like to have these in hand before deciding to pay for them. I'm interested in Luke, the Sandtrooper and R2-D2.

That's It!

So before I go I want to say that I've been very busy lately, that and the fact that I have nothing to buy, means I've been saving money.

I have been playing a whole bunch of video games that I will review in the future. (Destroy Gunners is AWESOME!)

But the future of Action Figures looks bleak to me. Last year I was braving the Winter cold to get my hands on some Halo reach figures.

NCF means something along the lines of discontinued

This year during winter all I have to look forward to is Iron Man Legends and Assemblers in stores. Lame. ( I like the Iron Monger, but it's not worth buying some up scaled Marvel Universe figures and a cheap Ultron)

But as I like to say. I'M STILL ALIVE!!
Check me out on Facebook, under Aries0083 fans. I'm John Classified, and I approve of this message.

See Ya!

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