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Just an update on Life!

I want to thank you guys, my blog visitors for showing up. Even if there isn't anything current here. I've taken some time off, and I plan to comeback. My estimate was 1 year, but my fiancee doesn't like that timeframe.

In a previous post I mentioned my lack of interest in the action figures currently in the market. But I have picked up some Mega Blok figures, Marvel Universe and Halo 4 figures. And for our anniversary, my fiancee got me Marvel Select Colossus. So my love is not dead.

I'm more active on my Facebook since I'm playing Marvel Avengers Alliance, so you can find me there being snarky and posting pictures from my phone.

I used to update this blog from a secret location (which I'm doing so now) But  with time my freedom to do things has been restricted. Add to that the fact that I'm not seeing a lot of results from the blog in terms of money (It's been 3 years and the most I make a month off the blog is like 5 dollars) I haven't been inspi…