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Transformers and Marvel Legends Toys"R"Us Sales until November 19

Marvel Legends are 2 for $35.00, so divided by 2 they come out to 17.50 before tax. Which when you consider the default price is $19.99 isn't so much of a deal. The only good thing is that stores will be getting more shipmemts in order to full fill the sales.

Transformers Robots In Disguise are $9.99 each for deluxes. Given that the newest ones are being put in stores this is a great time to fill in the gaps of your collection. I am on the fence about Windblade. The jet mode is awesome, but the robot mode leaves a lot to be desired. (Especially with the large sticker on her chest.) But I want to get Quillfire, he would make a great bodyguard for Windblade.

$9.99 is the optimal price for deluxes. When I started buying RID (2001) figures deluxe is where I started off. If you can't find anything you like at Toys"R"Us ..head over to Walmart where you might fine Titans Return figures for $9.98.

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In this Post we have Titans Return Wolfwire. My favorite! I'm going to keep it short.b ut I'll be back!

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