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Target and Walmart reduce/rollback Titans Return Deluxes to $9.99/$9.98

If you're in the know like me you probably heard that wave 1 and wave 2 of  The Transformers Titans Return Line is sold out!

So in order to make room for Daddy (a.k.a Wave 3) these stores are clearing out what they have left in their warehouses. Which is good for us collectors.

I've been using a website called Brickseek to track which stores have new stock. My most sought out grail is of course my new mascot. Wolfwire. Of course I can't find him nowhere.

I have been starting to find Astrotrain and Alpha Trion. And Chromedome and Highbrow have joined them. But only once have I found Mindwipe.

So I say to you my fellow collector. Put your regular purchases on hold for the time being, and stock up on these cool guys. I've been putting a together a list of possible combinations that I can do now that getting a deluxe and a Titan Master costs as much as just getting a regular deluxe at Toys R Us or Walgreens. Wish me luck trying to make a pack of Wolfwires cheap.

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