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I found Titans Return Wave 3 In NYC but decided against it!

Toys R us has a Buy 1 get one 40% off this week. I was able to find Wave 3 of the Titans Return all except Breakaway. I don't really need him. But BOGO doesn't usually work on 3 figures, I was going to get Scatterspike, since she's a girl.

When I got to the register, the total amount was like $58.00, That amount seemed off to me, I was guessing that since I was using an RID figure with Generations it wasn't counting the BOGO offer. I told the cashier to take off Scatterspike. But the end amount was about 45.00.

I decided to take my chances and not purchase the items, hoping I can find them at Target. But no Luck. I'm really regretting not taking at least 2 of them. But Which ones? I like all 3.

If I can find all 4 at Toys"R"Us I might pick them up. But I think Target has something planed for next week. They seem to be piling up on the Transformers Deluxes. One store has 72 in stock!

So Imma wait until Sunday and see what's up. I have been going nuts looking for them at ToysRus and I totally came to the conclusion that paying a little more to save on the disappointing toy hunts is worth it! Good Luck it's starting to get Christmas crazy out there!

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