Monday, July 13, 2020

Powering Up a Return

Just posting n update. I'm planning on coming back. Figure instead of starting from scratch I just re-invent myself.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Reimagined! And Reinvigorated?!!!

What's up Gang. In order to go in a more adult, more honest direction. (And to protect my Youtube content) I'm opening up shop here on Youtube at Collecting Cosas! And My Nuevo Blog Collecting Cosas!

Another reason I want to start over is the fact that Google has changed so much over the years.  So thank you to everyone who's supported me over the years.

I'll explain myself over there, so be sure to check all of  it out! Ciao!

Go there now!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

One More Post to Check on My Audience Pulse

Hey You...Pay Attention

Hello dear reader, it is I Aries0083. And I collect Action Figures!
Should have bought them when Walgreen's had their BOGO sale! :(
This month I turn 45, and as an old man I say to thee this...Have fun!

Part of my online persona, is to keep a record of my life. It's a living digital memory that will exist way after I'm gone. Most people might know me, but almost everyone on the web will feel like they know me.

I can say that I love action figures, but that's mostly true. I like action figures right now, but that can change. I used to be a comic book collector. and I did amass a large collection, which sadly (and it still breaks my heart) I had to trash.

I realized that digital comics were the new hotness, and unlike an old hipster holding on to their VHS collection. I had to let it go. Plus, no body was gonna buy them even when I wanted to give them away.

Remember This game? Those were good times!

Eventually this will happen with action figures, when technology catches up and everyone and their mom can afford a good 3D printer. So I know my collection isn't gonna put anyone through collage.

Part of what I enjoy of collecting is"The Thrill Of The Hunt" that's one of the reasons I hardly shop online. The other reason is the easy ability to return an item to a store if I need the money.

The other part is "Bragging Rights" although I don't do it in public or on the Internet, it's good to say " I have MP1!" or  "I found Trypticon for $59.99."

So it's an experience that's linked in the now. And I enjoy it. Eventually I'll get over it. But it doesn't feel like that anytime soon.

This year I knew I wouldn't be keen on "SIEGE" , it's not the battle damage, the designs or the character selection..It's the price.

Yeah, I know voyagers were MSRP of $29.99, but now everyone is upholding that price!

As a shopper I always make comparisons when shopping. And when I picked up Gog and Skytread and it came out to $40.00 and I realized that if I picked up a 3rd figure it would cost as much as Trypticon? It soured the line for me.

Pictured. SIEGE Deluxe Peg warmer. I thought all the fans wanted him! Apparently not.

It doesn't help that they've been near impossible to find (except for the guys I already have. Megs, Cog , Skytread, The Battlemasters and The Micromasters) I'm done.

My plan is to wait it out until They ether go on a good sale, deep clearance, or show up in closeout/discount stores, which should be around this time next year (Tax Time!)

The Perfect Price

Google+ shut down this week, and I think most of my readers were from there. I have things I want to talk about. but I'm gonna see if I move that to my podcast.

YouTube took away my monetization last year, so that's been heading down hill. Don't get me wrong. I have a strong desire to talk about action figures, it's just sometimes I can't figure out the time, format, or distribution of my content.

Like an old man emptying out water from a boat with a leak without plugging the hole, I feel sometimes that my efforts don't yield any rewards.

I mean, I have fans on all platforms. So I know people like my works. But part of it, is also I don't know what I want to be.

Do I want to be as success full as Pewdiepie? Eventually he will stop being the star of Youtube, Like Fred, Smosh and others before him.

Inspired by Lisa Irby I started this blog, I've maintained it for years, I would have a longer digital history if I wasn't an idiot and deleted my first website.  It was on Tripod.

So depending on the views, comments and stats of this post, I will continue.

I won't say this is the end, because like Babs, Jordan or The Twilight Zone I can come back.

Remember when Robert Downey Jr.'s career was in the dumps? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

So 2 things.

Be happy.
Treat others as you want to be treated.


Saturday, April 6, 2019

Power Of The Primes Final Wave on Clearance at Family Dollar

If you don't know about Family Dollar , it was the first Home of the Evergreen Stuff!

Beefy Megatron, is just a mere 10 bucks!

In the past they have carried their fair share of Transformers, but as of recent years there aren't enough of these stores in my area to constantly visit.

Thanks to this special thread on the TFW2005 Forums I learned that they are clearancing out their Power Of The Primes Transformers!!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Captain Marvel (2019) Movie Review

Captain Marvel The 21st film in the MCU. Disney got the Boo Koo Bucks!
Wikipedia Entry (Spoilers Abound!) Here!

My short Video Review. Minor spoilers.

Before I dive in I will say this to start..."I am Fairly Strong!" :)

Just Kitten.

Photo taken right before someone got scratched!
Now in my adult life, I try to avoid spoilers about movies that interest me. I understand the Internets desire to consume everything. Like when a transformer toy gets leaked. But Knowing we will get a Bluestreak retooled from Prowl , doesn't diminish my enjoyment when I purchase said figure. With Action figures, it's mostly WYSIWYG.

But living in the Internet /digital age some things bleed through. Action Figures, and Funko Pop figures released before and after the movie have contained some spoilers. Especially for Goose, and Danvers.

I was intrigued with all the different costumes that Carol would have in the movie, from what I was seeing in the figures. And wanted to know the reasons why for the costume changes.

No Knees or elbows, but the price is right!

I also assumed Goose was Carols cat, and that Yon Rogg was another name for Mar-Vell aka Mr. Lawson.

So before I spoil the heck out of this movie I would say that I recommend it. Despite the negativity that the Internet has with this movie or it's female lead. If you like Marvel and you're familiar with the character, you owe it to yourself to watch this.

Do you know who this is? Then you're in luck!
The movie delivered, Ms. Larson was confident and felt like an equal to Fury, They interact like co-workers or friends. While Fury's interaction with the rest of the MCU is that of a boss.

The movie sets up the Chitauri Skrulls, and establishes a way to distinguish them from Humans. It also ends with a twist. And establishes Captain Marvel's power base in the MCU.

Spoilers Ahoy!!!

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Powering Up a Return

Just posting n update. I'm planning on coming back. Figure instead of starting from scratch I just re-invent myself.