Sunday, August 12, 2018

SDCC2018 - War For Cybertron: Siege Figure Reveals!!!

Is that a hat made out of lights on your cab? Embrace being a trucker!

Is it Siege: War for Cybertron? Or Transformers: Siege? I had to check what the TFwiki was calling it, for an official name structure!

After the shortness that was the Power of The Primes. I was contemplating on slowing down my action figure collecting. Because of Mark Weber's response on this podcast featured here. (The Full Force Ep. 9) I was expecting Generation 3, a new spin on Transformers. with a 3rd Faction added to the mix and new characters. But if Hasbro has learned anything from 3rd party and I don't blame them..(.LOOK AT ALL THE EXPENSIVE  NOT-TRANSFORMERS!!!)  is that Generation 1 is the goldmine. That and the Bayverse. (on a rainy day)

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