Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Bucky Wave

Say Hello Bucky! "Hello Bucky."

Great on film, not so great on paper.

So when I was looking to get some figures when TRU had the 2 for 10 sale  (From Jan 30-Feb 5) I was wondering what Trench Coat Guy would be swiping before I got to the pegs. I looked at the back of the Ol' Timey Captain America's card and I saw Bucky. And I was like "Darn he's swiping Bucky!"

But as Fate would have it, that week I found him at Target along with Ms. Marvel and Union Jack.

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Ever since that fateful day I have been finding this "Wave" all over and I think it's a good thing. I know the "Universe" has something to do with it as well as Hasbro wanting to get these figures in consumers hands.

So what figures are in this case let me point out some with pics.

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I also believe that the variant Daredevil and Vision are in this case, as well as Bullseye. But be warned. If you see the remnants of this case. Then you've arrived a little too late.

Good hunting! This is what you should be looking for.
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