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Juggernaut: Marvel Universe Figure Review

I'm Unstoppable! -Juggernaut X-Men :Children Of The Atom

A written review before a video review? Say it isn't so!

Why did I get him?: I've been a fan of the massive Juggernaut since I saw him as the next to last boss in the X-Men arcade game. It was amazing to see him fill up his part of the screen with his height. That and head rush you, or clobber you with an I beam.

What's waiting for you on the shelves.
As soon as you see this figure on the shelves, he will stand out as that guy whose almost bursting out of his packaging. Every thing seems right about this figure, the design, the color and the helmet. I really hate the Spider-Man line Juggernaut the mask underneath is OK, but the helmet is too pointy and not flat enough.
Click to Enlarge and read the Flavor text!
The card back has a red hue where the character's short bio and the picture of the figure is. It's not really noticeable but each series has a different color. I never could understand Norman Osborn clearly holding his Goblin mask in his hammer uniform. I though no body knew he was the goblin. Way to keep a secret Normie! There's tape holding the lower have of the bubble and I had some trouble with that a few weeks ago.

2 down 1 bald cripple to go
Where did I get him?: I bought this guy at Toys R Us during one of their infamous 2 for 10.99 sales. His Suggested Retail Price is $6.99 so I got a good deal. I wish that all stores would have him for this price.
I have seen him at stores like Target ($7.99) and Stop n Shop (10.99)  here in New York. Currently Toys R Us has their Marvel Universe for $9.99, but I haven't seen Juggy there for a while.

Actually happened!
 Size Comparison: Juggy is the standard height of any of the big boys. I believe that his body was also used for Thanos. As you can see he is the same size as World war Hulk, and he towers over Brown Costume Wolverine (From the X-Men Origins line) who is the correct Wolvie height.

Face sculpt: As a photographer I think that the most important feature of an action figure. Especially in this size is the face sculpt and paint applications to it. The Juggernauts helmet is removable but here isn't a head under there. The helmet and face are 2 separate sculpts. That when combined (like chocolate and peanut butter) form an awesome combination!
I'm the Juggernaut, b!tc#!
What does he come with?: The Jugster (hehe) comes with a Hammer file and his base, which is so not  necessary that I forgot to take a picture of it. he also comes with Bio card, that has some useful information.

But since we have Wikipedia, we don't need that. The artwork by Mike Deodato is OK though. Don't understand how someone can pose like that but hey! it's comics.
All Attitude.

Bio Card
Articulation: Mr. Marko has all the articulation you need. Since he's big and bulky he can stand on his own. But with most Marvel Universe figures The hip joint is kinda tight. On this figure, the bulk of his legs get in the way of getting him in a siting position. but every other joint is A-OK.
Final Verdict: This figure is well done. It's a step above the older Marvel Universe figures that I passed on like Red Hulk and regular Hulk, or Spider-Man. The design is crisp and the little bands on his arms are separate pieces, that can sometime come loose. There is also some scarring on his helmet like wolverine was trying to take it off. The bottom of the boots has treads when Hasbro could have just left it plain. Can I say that it's one of the figures that got me into Marvel Universe? "Nuff said!
She-Hulk likes me? Yes!
Should you buy this?: Yes! The Juggernaut is one of the most popular X-Men villains after Magneto. While the only toy that was as good as this one in the past was the Marvel Legends figure, you can tell that by the amount of moolah he commands on Ebay he was well sought after.

I still want to get the Marvel Select one. But this one is cheaper. And it doesn't have an unmasked variant that's warming the pegs.
Punching ur gums, stealing ur gurls
So let me know what you think of this figure. I usually like reading other peoples reviews to see if the have a different angle about a product. It helps color my perceptions of the figure. Thanks!

Marvel Legends Juggernaut
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