Monday, February 14, 2011

Marvel Universe:Toy Fair 2011 Sunday

So Saturday into Sunday most toy websites started reporting on the toys that were shown off at the New York Toy Fair. As I mentioned a few post ago I was really looking forward to Marvel Universe figures.

And Hasbro delivered!

Here is some new stuff that I was excited about, these are press release photos they are sent out to toy websites, remember just like with Captain Marvel the final product will vary:
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X-Men First Class: I really hope to see Iceman, Angel and Beast. I'm also glad that they haven't made any movie toys and are instead taking advantage of the X-Men brand like so...

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I could do without the Wolverine repaint, but I really want a Sabertooth. I would rather prefer the short hair version, but beggars can't be choosers.

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Power Man and Iron Fist: The modern version look like a average Joe. The only thing that says "Cage" is his neck chain. (Literally!) So I welcome this old look. It was even used in an episode of Super Hero Squad.

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Quicksilver and Wonder man: Quicksilver's design is boring. The costume I liked the most was the Avengers half blue/half white one. Wonder Man is a character I like but he's had his share of bad costumes in the past. The worst is his first appearance one. I don't think the comic packs have variants but I would like a clear purple variant.

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Spider-Man and 1st Appearance Captain Britain: This is a good 2 pack. I like the Spider-Man he has an upper leg swivel that I've never seen before on a Spider-Man figure (correct me if I'm wrong) and his head sculpt is cool. Captain Britain isn't the most popular character but he has more figures than Captain Australia!
And I like the character.

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Scarlet Spider: A new figure and it has the same upper leg swivel I mentioned before. I don't like the black around the eyes and I'm not fond of his adventures in this costume. But I like the way he died in the comics.
And I already have the one from the Spider-Man line. So he's on my list.

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X-23: I could do without the mask, and we'll probably see a variant. I do like the way Hasbro is doing there Marvel female figures. She looks good, not like a lot of the wilder beasts from the Marvel Legends line.

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Steve Rogers: Director of  S.H.I.E.L.D. He looks a little to young. But I like the costume I also like the fact that without reading the comics I know that Steve let Bucky keep the mantle. Comes with the standard rifle and pistol. I think the MU needs more diverse weapons..or not. Throw them all in a Ziploc you don't have remember who owns what.

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Doctor Strange: I really liked the Marvel Legends version of this character. The cape was awesome. I like the face sculpt and we will be getting a translucent figure as a variant.

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The Falcon: Hero Up! We just need the Scarlet Witch and Reptil and we're done. I wonder how the wings work in this size. It worked for the Marvel Legends version.

That's it for what I'm looking forward to (that I have pictures for) other items announced and taken pictures of:
Single Carded: Dr. Doom repaint, Skaar son of Hulk, Ultron repaint, Darkhawk, Namor. (new pants?)
3 Pack: Fantastic Four (Reed,Susan,Ben and H.E.R.B.I.E.) In some weird new design I haven't seen. I like Herbie since he's in the Super Hero Squad. But he looks like the birthing robot from Revenge of the Sith.

Remember these toys are subject to change. And until Toy Fair is over on Wednesday keep your eyes glued.
Also save your money!

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