Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thor Lightning Hammer Review (Kinda)

I saw this at Target today. And even though I had commented on the Marvel Toy Fair video that I would pick this one up over the foam one, I was severley dissapointed with the actual product.

Puffy Coat Not Included

The most dissapointing thing is that the block that makes up the head of the hammer is made out of rubber, but it's a deflated rubber that kinda reminds me of a rubber ducky or Dulkie if you want to be more in universe.

There is a button on the handle that makes the top part of the hammer light up. And it makes thunder sounds. I like that there is some "Lord of the Rings" type writing on the light up part. But sadly the inscription about someone being worthy is not on the hammer.

It requires 3 AAA batteries. And it says on the face of the hammer not to strike anyone with it. Here's hoping that the Nerf one is the same size. I like my hammers solid!
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