Monday, February 14, 2011

Toy Haul NYC

Today is Saint Valentines Day, and since I love toys I decided to go out and get some! I also wanted to get out of the house and I had to ship some stuff. I'm gonna start posting my hauls here because my webcam isn't very reliable, and I don't want to have to upload a video and have the upload fail on me.

First I caught the Q20A bus to the Target in College Point. They had some House of M Spider-Man's and 1 Bucky. I will talk about him and his case in another post. They had the Transformers Crossover SUV iron Man for 9.99. I almost bought it. But I wasn't feeling it. Next time baby. TJ Maxx had nothing.

Went to the Toys R Us at the College Point Cinema, they has 2 Kitty Prides, Union Jack and Iron Patriot. I can't remember if they had Bucky also. Or was Bucky there last week? Oh well.

I went to Pathmark in College Point to pick up School Wolverine and Havok. I had seen them there on Friday, but the $12.99 price tag was off putting and I wanted to see if there was going to be a sale on Sunday before I splurged. Both figures came out to about 28.99 (Ouchers!)

Wolverine has the new face sculpt and he's available on Hasbro Toy  Shop but the pics have the old head sculpt, so I'm sure that's why he's not out of stock. Same old body though. Sigh.

Havok is sold out, so I guess better to get them now than later. I might not see them again. I will keep an eye on that store for the variant. It's cool that they are getting old toys but the price is really bad.

My mindset was to pick up anything Marvel Universe that got me excited or I didn't have.

They had the Magneto/Black Costume Spider-Man comic pack, $19.99 I guess that will be for Friday (Payday) They also had the Thing/Bulldozer Pack, but I've been seeing that one at Target a lot lately.

So after that I went to a new Target in Flushing. And there I saw and picked up this..

The base is the one in English and I have seen this figure. But as I have come to realize many times you will see something thinking you'll see it again, or that it's a common item and then you realize that you were dead wrong and should have picked it up when you had the chance.The gun looks like it's something out of Halo.

I also like the fact that Hasbro has been adding army builders to the line (A.I.M. Soldier, Skrull Soldier and Multiple Man) too bad that they're hard to find.

They had some House of M Spider-Men and the Target 2 packs for 12.98. These went on sale in the Target in Queens Place, but not here. So strange.

So My last ditch effort was to go to Toys R Us Times Square. I was a little surprised by what greeted me...

Click To Enlarge
Yep it's that wave again. Which is a good thing.

I almost picked up Dark Hawkeye to complete my Dark Avengers. But after the 2 for $10.99 sale finished at the beginning of the month TRU raised the price of their Universe figures to 9.99. Ouch! But I have a secret weapon under my sleeve which I shall reveal. But not now.

I went to the Target in Queens Place, but no luck. Just Iron Man (Extremis, James Rhodes and Bleeding Edge) warming the pegs. Replusor Blast your way off the shelves please.

That's about it. I had a desire to buy the Thing/Bulldozer Pack, but I didn't find it at Queens Place Target. So when I have the chance I'll return to the Target in main street and pick it up.

But if you live in NYC I hope this helps you to find anything you're looking for.
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