Friday, February 18, 2011

Toy Haul NYC

This ones a little late. I went out with my Bro on Wednesday the 16th and we hit up a couple of stores.

So the firts one was Target. They had the Marvel Universe pegs full because there was a promotion of buying Marvel vs Capcom 3 and you get one figure free. They also had a tag on the comic packs showinf that they're reduced to $14.99 which is a good price. But it seems that Sentry and Spider-man will forever warm the pegs.

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I hope that I can find a whole lot of them on clearance. I like the Sentry and the Spider-Man is ok. But I think we have too many Spider-Men.

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I found some good figures on the pegs. In this pic I was about to buy the Black Widow and Multiple Man. But decided against it. They didn't pull at my heartstrings good enough. I will get them eventually, but they looked like they would be easy finds.

Then after that we went To the Toys R Us in College Point and I just saw some remmants of the bucky wave. An Iron Patriot, Union Jack and 2 Kitty Prides. Transformer Animated Deluxes are about 6.99, but the Animated Rodimus is still $17 dollars and change.

But in the Marvel section I saw this.

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 Another jerk strikes! I would use more colorful langauge but "the children!" At first my brother thought it was a robotic Iron Man, but I knew better and I explained to him what had happened.

The last stop was the Pathmark where I picked up the Havok before. I caved in and bought the Secret Wars Comic Pack with Magneto/Spider-Man in his black costume. After watching Prime92's video and realizing that the eyes were sculpted. I decided it was a better one than the Spider-Man 3.75 line's figure.

Magneto still sucks Iron I Beams. We need a Dark Magneto in the line.
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