Friday, February 25, 2011

Toy Haul NYC

Today I decided to check out the Target on Main Street in Flushing. It seems to be my own secret place. As I have been finding stuff there lately. And it's not to far from my house.

Anyways I went in and LO! and BEHOLD! they had the Thor figures in stock. There were 2 Frost Giants, but no Loki's or Odin's. They had the aforementioned hammer, but they didn't have the Nerf one.

Regular figures were $7.99. And I was tempted to pick up the Secret Sword Thor, since it's the only one that comes close to the Movie Thor and it has lots of articulation.

But I'm gonna hold off till Sunday, to see if Target or Toys R Us has some kind of sale.

Because, back when I used to buy DVDs I always noticed that the first week the DVD comes out Target has them at a sale price. So I'm thinking Maybe something might happen. It's not like these figures are rare. They will be flooding every toy store on the 1st of March.

They had the Electronic Thor for $19.99 and had that new Spider-Man mask, Captain America and Thor masks. I also peeped (saw) the Reveal The Shield 2 Pack of Rodimus and Cyclonus ($19.99)

But at the end of the day I bought a new Tripod, since the last one I had was a horrible one I bought at Walgreens. The legs have trouble staying extended and sometimes I can't get them to stay the same lengh.

And Joy Of Joys! I found the Nightcrawler/Storm comic pack. I wanted this pack for Mohawk Storm, since we will be getting Nightcrawler in the X-Men second genesis pack. My Secret Wars collection is almost complete!
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