Friday, February 18, 2011

Who is the G-Man?!!!

The G-Man is a Hasbro employee that I have befriended in my many toy hauls. I think the moment that cemented my friendship with him was when at the Queens Place Target I had reached the Marvel Legends pegs first and picked up a Juggernaut.

He said he wanted it for his son and I gave it to him.

But he has relevant info that can come in handy. For instance, he was the first to inform me of the SDCC Stan Lee/Spider-Man and lets me know what toys he's seen and where.

He also gave me a Transformers Cybertron Display for helping him on a matchbox run (yes he's one of those) I realized after opening the display case that are the figures were glued in place, and I broke some in the process of un-gluing them. I chucked Galvatron when I moved out.

My Transformers Cybertron/Galaxy Force Collection
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His name begins with a "G" and I'm sure the insider info he has Hasbro won't appreciate it being leaked.

He also informed me about all the Sigma 6 figures in the warehouse that flooded Toys R Us Christmas 2008

So what's the next piece of info that I have for you Hasbro lovers.
Toys R Us will be having a Marvel themed month? week? He told me but I forgot and it should start in May with the release of Thor.

If you've noticed Thor comes out in May, X-Men First Class in June and Captain America in July. So that's 3 months of Marvel goodness. I will be trying to save up because I imagine this event will be sale-o-licious!

Next time I see him I'll try and get my facts straight.

So if I mention the G-Man anywhere on this blog you can always check out this post to know who he is.
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