Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Carter A-259: Halo Reach Figure Review

Let me say this to start, "I'm a design guy!"

In my video review I reminisced, and waxed poetic over how I finally decided to buy this guy. But then my camera decided to neglect me on that. So I'm gonna have to do that here.

Why Did I Buy This Guy?: My older brother and my nephew have been Halo fans for a long time. I remember asking myself, should this kid be playing this. The answer is yes. Until Kane and Lynch, which my brother didn't like because of the profanity.

I've never been attracted to the design of Master Chief or any of the ODST guys, I know the Flood are gross, and everything else looks like an animal.

But Reach was different, After seeing an article in ToyFare, finding out that there was a girl, seeing Emile and Jorge (I thought it was pronounced like it's written, but it's actually pronounced "George") on the Pegs and in my brothers collection and my brother asking me about the Playarts figures and finally watching the cut scenes on YouTube..phew

I finally caved in.

So to answer the question. I got him because he's blue, he's the leader and he has a cool but simple design. And I wanted to judge the line based on my impressions of Carter, if he was good I would continue to collect if he was bad. Then "off with it's head!"

Move along!

 Where Did I Get Him?: It's kinda funny how the Universe works. I went to Target and I wanted to pick up the figure there. But it was out of stock. I know of a Toys R Us that had Kat, Carter and Noble 6. But Toys R Us generally opens up at 10 am, and I wasn't gonna wait that long. So I went into a Rite Aid store and Lo and Behold I found him. For $11.99

It's in the range of Marvel Universe figures (I paid 12.99 for Havok at Pathmark, but you guys should know that) and it's way bigger and has some accessories. It's the same reason I transitioned from Gundam figures to Marvel Legends.

Catch A Grenade..

Accessories: Not as much as I would like. All you get is a rifle and a grenade that doesn't go anywhere on the armor and can get lost very easily. The DRM Rifle is cool looking, and I've heard horror stories of it being broken out of the packaging, but mine was intact. It has a peg which is removable, and allows you to swap it with the grenade. You can plug the rifle/grenade into 3 holes in the armor.

Rifle and Grenade

Head Sculpt: I like the design of the Spartan helmet, and the yellow pain makes it appear visor like, not as shiny as in the game but good enough.

You alright Newbie?

Articulation: This is a weird one. I can't define the joints because they are new to me, and I'm not sure if the terminology fits. Each joint has ratchets, but there is no double hinge at the knees or the elbows. The ratchets kinda make the joints stronger. But I think the joint that bothers me the most is foot joint.

The foot is cut in half and the bottom isn't level so the figure can stand, but it can also easily fall.

Thinking about it, it's rare the human shaped figures have a hard time standing. I've had this problem with Marvel Legends, Marvel Universe, G.I.Joes and Star Wars. They'll stay in place as long as you don't gently brush wherever they're displayed. At least the Marvel Universe figures have stands.

On my shelf I have Gundam models and Transformers, but until now it was just them and their robot feet.

I guess if you put the grenade on the peg and make him hold the rifle, he'll have everything on him.

Final Verdict: Like I mentioned at the top Carter would be the deciding factor on getting more Halo figures. I was striving on only getting Noble Team (we still need Jun) but there are 2 factors that are in the way.

  1. The feet and the figures inability to stand for long periods of time.
  2. Loose pieces.

Loosey Goosey

The chest plate is removable, as is the fanny pack but the shoulder armor which I like because of it's uniqueness is loosey goosey. I was thinking of gluing it in place, but I'm sure the crazy glue will end up destroying the plastic.

I could use Elmer's glue, but the point is I shouldn't. And this makes me upset because I don't know if it's just mine or all the Carters out there.

Let's move it team!
Should you Buy It?: It's all up to you, but as for me. No. I love building teams, but I can't find myself interested enough in getting the rest of them. I've has problems with Mcfarlane in the past. But unless I can find these at a discount store for less than retail. I don't think I'll be picking them up.

In the past I've seen a lot of Halo stuff at discount stores, so there is a chance just give it a few years.
If you're a Halo fan I'm sure you already have them (like my Bro) but for the casual buyer, especially children. Pass.

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