Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marvel Studios Thor and X-Men First Class: Why I think they'll suck.

Forsooth! First off, I'd like to say that I like the Thor character and his design, and the interpretation in both Super Hero Squad and The Avengers Cartoon. So I don't hate the character, nor do I think he's lame.

I love the X-Men they were my entry into the Marvel Universe so they hold a special place in my fandom. If I had to pick between joining the Avengers or the X-Men, I would join the X-Men. (But then I would probably be a deformed mutant)

But the history surrounding him is kinda dull. And Marvel's track record of movies has been hit or miss. The same year that gave us Iron man also gave us the Incredible Hulk and Punisher War Zone.

While Hulk was abysmal, I did enjoy the Punisher, especially the exploding parkour guy.

So this year we are faced with the same dilemma, 3 Marvel movies in one year. Thor, X-Men: First Class and Captain America.

The one I'm more excited about is Captain America! Marvel's facebook page has a picture of Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull, and he looks awesome. Old, but awesome.
The Hydra soldiers look cool, and will make for cool figures. All I need is to see if Bucky has his double breasted jacket in the movie for old school coolness! And I think Cap will have two costumes in the movie. Goodness all around!
Fellow Reviewer "That Figures" (Don't know if his handle is Lok or Iok) But he summarized the 1st Thor trailer in these words. "I've a feeling that Thor won't regain his Asgardian heritage until the third act of the movie" And from what I gathered from the second trailer. The plot is revealed in it's entirety!

The Plot:
Thor wages a battle against the frost giants without Odin's permission, so he gets banished.
He comes to earth and is found by Queen Amidala. He gets acquainted with Midgard. But uh oh, Loki over throws his step dad, and sends a Destroyer to kill Thor.

With his dying breath Odin sends the Hammer back to Thor and then Thor comes back to Asgard and defeats Loki.

The End.

The only thing that could save the movie is the execution of it. But none of the other characters besides Thor and Loki intrest me. I don't know about the mythology and the movie doesn't peak my interest is trying to find out. I know there has been some controversy about making one of asgardians African American. But I don't care. And I've heard the same complaint from other websites about the characters.

I welcome Comic Series figures but the only other thing that interested me was the hammer. But that was a disappointment.

X-Men : First Class

I've heard that there is a movement to boycott watching this movie and at Toy Fair there were no movie figures which was a good thing. In the past we've gotten some good figures around the movies release, but if the has anything to do with the movie itself, they were garbage.

But this isn't about the toys..

I have to admit seeing the silver Magneto helmet by the end was cool. And I like chunky blue girls (but I don't like girls that blow blue chunks..blue cheese perhaps) but i think there is one problem I have with the movie...

It was made too quick.

Now, I'm not into finding out the latest developments of movies coming out. And I kind of enjoy having the everyday man approach and being surprised. That's why I stopped reading novelizations, because Spider-Man 2 the book was way better than the movie.

But like X3 this movie just came out of nowhere. It's like if tomorrow they would announce Wolverine 2 is being released in June! You know another way I could tell the movie was released to quick, if you already know then you must be related to Prof. X and must have read my mind! or you're a great detective and you noticed I already mentioned it. If you need help leave a comment. lol

Things that are rushed don't usually fare well, and usually after part 2 things go the way of the Dodo. Think about it..

I would be pleasantly surprised if this movie is good. I kinda liked X-Men Origins:Wolverine, but I think the best part about that movie was the opening credits. Oh and some of the toys. If they impressed me back then, I wouldn't be in the figure predicament I am now.

So that's it.

I know that as a fan the Internet expects us to complain, to troll the websites. To incite riots and overthrow things. To never be happy.

But it's said that if you never complain about the garbage movie studios keep giving us, they they will assume you like it. And keep making more. And if you don't like it. Don't watch it. Vote with your dollar!

And if you think these movies will rock, please explain why in the comments below.
"Thank you for your cooperation, good night." -Robocop

I will be voting on these with my dollar!

Here's hoping we get lots of X-Men love!
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