Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Red Hulk: Marvel Universe Figure Review

I like Rulk better.

The Red Hulk's only coolness factor to me was that he was initially drawn by Ed McGuiness. At the time I thought that he was another phase of the Hulk, so I didn't pay him no mind. But actually knowing who he is, makes him kinda cool. Because as I was explaining to my brother about the Red Hulk (he had no idea) I also mentioned how I liked Joe Fixit and The Professor aka Smart Hulk.

So Rulk is like both of them combined.

Why Did I Buy This Figure?: I had noticed Rulk before, he was originally released around the same time Target had their Marvel Legends Exclusives. But back then I was into Sigma 6 so I decided to not buy him. But at New York Comic Con I had seen the regular Hulks on display as well as The Thing. So I was aware of him.

Now that Marvel Universe can be purchased at half the price sometimes, it's more tempting to pick them up.

Where Did I Buy This Figure?: My first figure was at Target for the retail price of $7.99. I picked up some more when Toys R Us had their 2 for 10.99 sale.

Face Sculpt: This guy is one ugly SOB, I like the look from the front view. But looking at the head from an angle and from the side. Not so cool. But the Yellow eyes are a nice touch.

Accessories: All you get is a S.H.I.E.L.D file, which is now extinct. Rulk does not need a base so i don't miss it as much. But we really need to get extras with these guys. I'm guessing Hasbro is wracking their brain thinking on what to include with these guys. NO LAUNCHERS PLEASE! Give us flight stands or energy blasts.

Articulation: Lazy me. When I update the picture I will post it but for now here's what you get.
  • Swivel Neck
  • Ball Hinged Shoulders
  • Swivel Wrist
  • Ball Hinged Elbows
  • Ball Hinged Hips
  • Ball Hinged Torso
  • Ball Hinged Knees
  • Hinged Ankles

Final Verdict: This is my first Hulk, well my first old school Hulk. I got World War Hulk before that. So I like him. Despite the downsides that most reviewers give the Hulk legs online. I like this figure. He's massive and colorful. Red Hulk like!

Should You Buy It?: I say yes. Unlike the Hulk who is a mainstay of the Marvel Universe and will get many re-releases. Red Hulk is a character that is fairly new. We're lucky enough to get him already.
Besides he's a constant reminder that gamma rays will get rid of your mustache and wrinkles.

"There's Spider-Woman she likes big stong men and the color red."

Curse You Pick Up Artists!

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