Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Toy Haul: 03-27-11

Hey there true believers! I know it's a little late, but this is what I got and what I did on Sunday.

First off let me say that I was disappointed that Toys R Us didn't have it's 2 for 10 sale this week. If it doesn't happen next week then. I'm gonna stop hoping. I'll keep on checking the site every Sunday but I won't be hyped about the last week of the month. Which is when I predict the sale will always happen.

So I went to Target and I was hoping to find Grey Hulk and Moon Knight. I was lucky to find Spector, but no Banner. :(

Daredevil Body Strikes Again

I really like Moon Knight. He's Marvel's version of Batman, only crazy, I was planning of doing a skit where Khonshu the god of vengeance talks to him. And he appeared to him as a giant hand puppet. lol.

But anyways the figure didn't have any paint defects. I organized the pegs and there were a whole bunch of Black Widows, A.I.M. Soldiers and a considerable amount of Union Jacks, Bucky's and Old Timey Captain America's.

Later that night I went to Toys R Us at Times Square. There was nothing that spoke to the collector in me. But I took a pic.

The "Jean" Wave
 I love seeing all those figures together. That's what I want to see when I have my own store. It's so beautiful.

So at the end of the night I went to a 24 Hour Walgreen's. (A 24 hour Toys R Us would make lots of money) and I was shocked and angered! I saw the new Pursuit of Cobra "Skydive"!

Only at Walgreen's?!

Why does this shock and anger me?

I love going to Walgreen's because even though they have stuff a littler pricier than usual, they get new stuff before Target and Toys R Us. How does that work?!

Anyways I decided to buy it. It was $11.99. But it's the only pursuit of cobra figure that I think is worth buying at that price. I like the Cobra tracker, Conrad Hauser, the new Destro and I like the Jungle Viper.
But I can't buy them at retail. I just don't like them that much.

I'm thinking I can give Sam Jackson the jet pack or make Skydive an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. If I can get more when the 2 for 10 sale rolls around, I might just have to army build.

That's it. Let see how next week turns out.
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