Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Toy Haul NYC: Warpath on the loose!

This post is a kind of addendum to this video I made. I forgot to mention all the Warpaths I've seen.

This Sunday on my back home from work, I decided to visit the Target closest to my house. And LO! and BEHOLD! I saw Warpath and Ms. Marvel staring at me from the pegs. Since I had picked up 2 Warpaths before I decided to leave them on the shelves.

Later that night I went out to see if I could pick up the Marvel Select Juggernaut, so I decided to hit the Toys R Us at Times Square and then head to Midtown Comics since I haven't checked the store for Juggies.
And LO! and BEHOLD! who do I see staring at me from the pegs, crying BUY ME!


I didn't find Juggy, but I did pick up a sweet Jean Grey to go with my Capcom Cyclops.One of my viewers got a little upset at me for trying to turn a profit. I mentioned my Scalper post. I hope he reads it.
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