Thursday, March 3, 2011

Toy Topic: Toy Nostalgia

I don't get it . Really I don't.

Nowadays there is a whole crop of people that love transformers. And I think it's even worse when young people say that the 80's cartoon is the best thing that ever was.

Inexpensive Nostalgia

I guess it's because..."I'M A DESIGN GUY!"

But I'm not just talking about Transformers...well maybe I am. But the Transfans is the only group that comes to mind. I know there are Star Wars collectors out there. But you rarely hear them talking about how awesome vintage figures are.

Rolling Brick

How about Joe fans?

I'm sure if it wasn't for the whole "O" ring deal (O rings usually become weak and brittle on old figures and break) we would see the same thing with 80's Joes.

Modern Badass

There's a new ThunderCats line coming out and He-Man has an awful (distribution) resurgence on Mattel's webzone.

I can understand the appeal for new figures based on old franchises. But I can't justify collecting old figures. Because they suck.

The technology that's used to make figures today elevate a lot of them to works of art. But that technology keeps evolving.

At one time Transformers were the peak of toy engineering (and to a point they still are) But the Prime made in the 80's doesn't hold a candle to Cybertron Prime..But in turn Cybertron Prime can't hold a candle to Masterpiece Prime.

Pinnacle Of 80's Tech!

Another example is Marvel, I don't hear any hooplah about collecting those Kenner Secret Wars figures. And the 90's Toy Biz figures are pretty much garbage now.

Marvel Legends had a good run a while back, but I believe it's time is done.

So what's this "toy topic" about?

I don't think people should pay big bucks for old toys. If you want to, go ahead. maybe you missed out on that Marvel Legends Deadpool when you were collecting. If you're Donald Trump get it. But if you're a Joe Schmo then go for the newer one if you can get it.

If you can get SDCC 2010 Captain America for less than the retail price, go for it. But trying to get a Fortress Maximus in box for more than SRP. Forget it.

"You're insane!" You might say, but I've always looked at my toy habits as spending money and getting more, than spending alot of money to get one.

This only works in the Toy world. Because if you by an imitation iPod, be sure that it won't be as good as real iPod. Or a10 dollar web cam, instead of forking over a few extra bucks and getting a 30 dollar web cam. In these cases you're looking at durability, toys just go on display.

Also old toys suck. Yes I said it.

And I'm not talking about just 80's toys. And lets discount the modern toys that suck. Because they will suck forever. I'm looking at you Tron, Dragonball Z and Last Airbender (funny how they're all movie related).

This is all about Marvel Legends coming back. (I could rant on Thundercats, but I'm not interested in the line.)

Marvel Legends had a good run with ToyBiz, they had some awful figures at the start like Toad, and Human Torch. But with time they made great advancements in science (most of their women still looked horrible).

Looks Horrible on Purpose

The decline came with the reduction in size of the Build a Figure Concept. I remember being stoked at getting Onslaught, only to find out he was a wee bit bigger than the regular figure. To this day I can still go into one Rite Aid and pick up a Lady Deathstrike for 13 dollars.

One of the rare best figures of the Hasbro legends line.

I'm sure ToyBiz knew the end was coming, toys are usually planned a year in advance.

But if the line "died", then I believe it didn't generate the sales it needed to in Hasbro's hands. And therefore should stay dead.

But like the zombie of a loved one, somethings should stay dead.

Nostalgia dictates that the line should come back like before. Clamshells, free comic books, build a figures and 10 dollar price point.

Yeah, about that.

As you may have already bore witness to the Iron Man Armored Avenger Legend line. I did and it was $20 dollars a figure! I could get 2 Universe Figures for that price. So I think the resurrection will be short lived. I'm sure some people will buy them just like people buy Marvel Select figures.

Nice Figure Bad Price.

But this "Design Guy" here. Won't be buying any of it. At least for the right price.

So to make this interactive.
  1. What's the most you've spent on an old toy?
  2. Will you be picking up the new Marvel Legends?

Not the Joes you're looking for.
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