Wednesday, March 9, 2011

World War Hulk: Marvel Universe Figure Review

I never liked the Hulk, I can understand the concept since Stan Lee wanted to make him like Jekyll and Hyde. But how can you have someone who "Is the strongest there is" and who is uncontrollable as a good guy. The Hulk I remember is a force of nature (Hulk Smash!) and a brute. That's how he's portrayed in the movies.

My favorite Hulk forms are "The Professor" and "Joe Fixit" because he has his wits about him. Even though the transformations were wacky. Banner was permanently The Professor and Banner turned into Joe Fixit when nightfall would arrive. But this isn't about me and the Hulk..

Look For Him and Buy Now!

Why Did I Buy This Figure?: I had heard about the awesomness that is World War Hulk from YouTube. I know of this version of the Hulk from the comics and the bio. But as I'm a design guy I liked the head sculpt and I noticed that the body was also a new sculpt. And I needed to add a Hulk to my collection.

WWH's bio

Where Did I Buy This?: I got this figure at the same time that I picked up Spider-Woman, at Target for the luxurious price of $8.04. This was right after one of the 2 for $10.99 sales where I picked up Captain Marvel.

Who's next?

Face Sculpt: I like this face way better than the bewildered one on the first Hulk, he has a mean scowl, but you can also tell that there is some intelligence behind it. This isn't your father's "Hulk Smash!" Hulk.

Hulk not smash. Hulk wage war.

Articulation: Thigh cuts for the win! The neck has 2 points of articulation. It's a shame that you can't strip everything off of this figure and have an regular Hulk. But it still looks good.

Articulation is as follows

Acessories: The sheath and the shoulder armor is removable. Other than that you get a rusty axe, a beat up sword and a wooden shield. You also get his stand (not included in the picture) but again no file. But I wasn't really keen on the paper extras. Where do you store them?

Weapons of mass destruction

Final Verdict: Look at him, don't you just want to buy him. Hulk has all the right things. Accessories that aren't just the stand, lots of articulation, a great detailed sculpt and a great price. Avengers Assemble!

Awesomeness cannot be contained! It must be unleashed!

Should You Buy It?: As always I urge my readers to try and get their stuff for the lowest price possible, besides getting that natural high of finding something cheap. You also get this piece of art. If you don't already have this figure, then you should add it to your collection.

But don't despair. Just like Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman before him, this figure is part of the 2011 wave of figures. And will also be included in the new assortment coming out in march. So save those pennies true believers for the end of the month. And then GO GREEN! (Not the enviormental way, but the money way) Gnight!

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