Saturday, April 30, 2011

The G-Man Files:Marvel Specialty Store (again?!)

So yesterday I was talking to my friend the G-Man at Target, and I got some more info. At first when he mentioned this I thought it would be like a Marvel month at Toys R Us. But it's not.

Only at the Toys R Us in Times Square will they have this "specialty shop"
 on display they will have Captain America's shield (from the movie I think. It has a distinct star so I'll have to see it to know) and Thor's hammer.

This is supposed to happen on Sunday, but G-Man says that it still needs some work, so it should be up by Tuesday or Wednesday.

He said that there will be some extra Marvel product as well as the regular product in the isle. I'm looking forward to seeing if they have the X-Men 35th anniversary boxset.

I've been bumping into more collectors at Target, and I wonder sometimes if they are any of my readers. If you do see me, just strike up some conversation. You can say I know you from Youtube. Or I read your blog.

Well I'll keep you updated with whatever happens. I'm sure this specialty store is not limited to New York.

1st Appearance Wolverine: Marvel Universe Figure Review?

The question mark at the end of the title for this blog is because while I have opened the figure and played with it, and I can give a review about it. I haven't taken any fancy pictures. But I will.

Why Did I Buy This Figure?: I like Wolverine and there are a whole lot of people that agree with me. Wolverine is tough, invincible, has a unique look and he's a mystery. (I tend to ignore that fact that he's no longer a mystery. Ignorance is bliss.)

So I was waiting to get this new wave and I liked them in this order (from most wanted to least):
  • Cyclops
  • 1st Appearance Wolverine
  • Apocalypse
  • Cable
  • Gladiator

Friday, April 29, 2011

Avengers Assemble!

For the longest time I put off watching The Avengers cartoon on Disney XD. I guess I was put off by the designs of the characters, you know. (Because I'm a design guy!)

By the time the series was up to episode 14, I started watching it. And "oh boy!" is it good.

If you're a Marvel fan like I am you'll like the series, and it's not afraid to take off the kid gloves sometimes either. When they go up against a threat whether it's Graviton, The Leader, Kang or Ultron. There is a sense of impending doom. (Except when they battled Loki, that was kinda lame)

And now you can keep the magic!

Revision cases are the Beez Nees!

I think everyone can agree with me that when Marvel Universe came out it was kinda bad. Big hands, stumpy bodies, ugly punisher heads. I never even thought of picking up the line back then.

The first time I saw Ms. Marvel I was surprised because there hadn't been a female figure in the line. So it peaked some of my interest. But this time it wasn't the scuplts that were bad it was the price. Which I guess in my disinterest I never noticed before.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Toy Haul: New wave found!

I'm on the bus heading home from my lucky target, and boy was i lucky.

I picked up all the new figures. Except for cable. It seems the assortment is as follows.

1 cyclops
1 cable
1 apocalypse
2 gladiators
3 wolverines
2 ww hulks
1 spider man 2099
1 spider-woman

Good luck. These are already showing up.

1st Appearance Wolverine Found in Philadelphia

Youtuber "Phattzstoyz" did a video showcaseing this new figure. She doesn't open them, but at leats we know the figures are in the US! I might get lucky and find them at my lucky Target this morning. :)

Let us know, if you get lucky too!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Toy Haul: 04-21-11

Seeing as my Blogger Buddy Iok, has been finding stuff at Marshall's. I decided to go out and visit Marshall's, T.J. Maxx and Lot Less to see if they had any Marvel Universe figures or Wolverine Origins figures in their stores.

I picked up the Iron Man Rolling Battle Headquarters! Ever since I saw this at Toy Fair last year I wanted it. But when I saw that Target had it for $49.99 I had to pass. Luckily good things go to those who wait, especially when it comes to movie toys. lol

Why fly when you can roll!

Marvel Universe On Ebay! By Yours Truly!

Click on the title of the post to be swept away to my ebay page!

If you have been reading my blog you know that I mention a lot about my business and selling toys. Every so often when I list new stuff I will make a post about it. I hope it's not annoying. LOL

I once got the comment that "I can get that in the store" by one of my YouTube subscribers. But one of the reasons I list what I do is to make it available to those who can't get it.

Just this week I sold a Union Jack figure, and while 10 dollars won't make me rich. The sale will make some one happy.

If you decide to buy Thank you for your patronage. And if you have any questions, just ask.

Hasbro Toys R Us Sale April 22-April 23

Since last week I missed out on the Buy 1 get 1 free Star Wars Sale I decided today that I would look at TRU's website every Thursday, or Everyday if I remember. But here you go. Start saving those pennies!

I knew it was bound to happen again!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Marvel Universe X- Men Boxset Review

I have to move to the Philippines! I've met some people from there and I know Spanish is a second language among them. But anyway FxFranz has reviewed the box set.

Like my fellow blogger Iok mentioned, there are a lot of repaints and retools in this pack but I think that the difference is enough to merit a purchase. That, and I love the X-Men. I did think Sunfire would be part of this pack.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Super Hero Squad Online Review

If you haven't gotten my open invitation to the beta, and accepted it. You're missing out on being a Marvel Super Hero. Unlike DC's MMORPG you can play as Thor, or Spider-Man if you wanted to. But lets go into the review shall we.

Ms. Marvel is your go to gal.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

You Are Cordially Invited...

To Super Hero Squad Online's Beta! Hero Up Dudes!

My Name is Mr. Cashier, If you see me send an invite. See ya in the funnybooks!

Target Sale!: Selected Hasbro Figures are $6.99 Apr 17-23

Selected G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Thor and Iron Man figures are $6.99 for this week. I hope that includes the Marvel Universe figures too. I would rather get them at half price. But hey a dollars a dollar, just ask any old coupon clipping mom.

I was upset to find out that last Friday and Saturday Toys R Us had a Buy 1 get one half off on the Star Wars figures.

Happy Hunting!

Oh Yeah, the G-Man told me that some Wal*Marts already have the Thor movie toys on clearance. How the line sucketh!

America (@#$!) Yeah!

Hasbro Toy Shop has some Captain America merchandise on the site, with expected street dates. There was one thing that I saw that was new on the site.

It was the Captain America fortress Assault figure, which looks pretty good.(Click the title!)  And should be shipping around March 23rd.

And the first case of Cap figures, is all 3 per case. No short packs. I know the World War II figure will be the hot one. I know I'm picking up at least 2. I like the Ultimate Cap but I don't like that the only shield that comes with it, splits in 2. Also the case will begin shipping March 23rd.

I like this flavor text:

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Toy Haul: I caught a case!

I have been visiting 2 targets for the past week going back and forth between the 2. The First Target is my Lucky one at Queens Place. And the second one is the one in the Skyview Center.
Queens Place

SkyView Center

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Takara Tomy Attempting to Ban Third Party Items in Japan? Well Duh!

If you click the title of the post it will take you to the news article I'm referring to.

And I want to yell. WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN??!!

No matter how you name the product everyone and their mom knows that these are supposed to be transformers. And it's not that Takara wants to be a jerk. But in terms of copyright. If you let someone get away with something for a while you loose the right to claim copy right.

So they are protecting their interest.

I've never been a fan of these fan made transformer thingies. So I'm glad Takara's stepping up. It's time Hasbro does the same.

The smart thing that they needed to do was to create their own designs not based on any transformers out there. But I never owned any of these Transformers fan toys, so I can't say I know the quality of the toys.

But I do know for something that you can't count on, I would never pay the prices that's asked for them.

I would compair this situation to the Bandai/TT Hongli lawsuit. It's not exactly infringment, more like theft. But iwth the resources TT Hongli had they could have done better.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Marvel Universe Fan's Choice=TEH FUTURE??!!

Ok Everybuggy, while browsing Cool Toy Review I came across this old article dated way back from March 9 2009, And I fell in love...well, with the prospect that we would get some of these figures. Check the list our and then come back hear for my opinions.

Cool Toy Review list of Fan's Choice Figures

The G- Man Files: Toys R Us Marvel Specialty Shop

If you don't know who the G-Man is I talked about him in this post. Now He told me that for May Toys R Us was going to have a specialty shop around Marvel Toys.

I think this is one of the reasons thay haven't had a Marvel Universe 2 for $10.99 sale.

But I think all that this will be is that they will move the Marvel stuff to a place that people will see as soon as they enter the store.

But I just wanted to say...


Marvel Universe Savage Frost Giant and Loki Review

Another Wal*mart exclusive! I'm glad I don't care!

If it sounds like I'm upset it's because we were told that these wouldn't be store exclusives. I would only really want the Black Goliath figure. But  I don't really need it. Well at least they're starting to show up in the states. The reviewer lives in California so it'll be a while before they show up on the east coast.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Upcoming Marvel Universe Pics and A New Announcement

Awesome website Cool Toy Review has a new post up. Click the title of the post to check it!

 I think this will help every body know what to look for in the future. I'm glad that Hasbro still has some product up their sleeve. It would suck really bad if all they were releasing this year was the stuff shown at Toy Fair 2011.

I'm not to crazy about the new artist. And now we get the ridiculous stand variant again? Well at least it's not like a figure variant. We need more accessories like the G.I. Joes, Hasbro!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Toy Topic: Is Aries0083 a Scalper?!! Say it isn't so!!!!

Disclaimer: I'm going to be as passionate and red blooded about this as I can get. So excuse me if I offend anybody. I just want to explain myself.

Like they say in the movies. "It's always business, never personal."

This post is for the haters (again), and lovers (I guess) of people who sell action figures. Or are lucky enough to snag variants.

If you click on the above video while it's playing it will take you to the wonderous land of YouTube. that or you can just click the Youtibe button on the player.

In the comments section someone posted..

"What is fair about a price of $30?? Wrong is just wrong." -darthshaggy316

And I would have to interject.

Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Wolverine/Silver Samurai Review

YouTuber FxFranz reviews the New Comic pack. Wow, we get mislead with the comic. I never reaqlly liked the beginning issues of the Wolverine series. I think things started getting better around issue 50. But hey it's a free comic....or is it?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Toy Topic: De Nerdifying Yourself

Disclaimer: This post is not in any way meant to be malicious. I just want to help my fellow toy collectors understand more about what I believe they should do to be ,more attractive to the fairer sex.

You love toys .That's awesome. You also like the opposite sex! Also awesome. You're a toy nerd. Not so awesome.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Marvel Universe Comic Packs out in the Philippines

Reviewer FxFranz, got Deadpool and Taskmaster and reviewed them. To me this is the pack to get. So I look forward to seeing these in the US this month.

Since most toys are made in China, they usually see a release from China towards the pacific. So The West Coast will be getting these before me. But at least I can get up early and get new figures.

Toy Haul 04-06-11

I've picked up a couple of things until today. On Sunday I went to my local Amazing Savings store (which I have to add to my where to shop post). And I picked up a whole bunch of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight figures for $1.99.

I opened Torque because he has the coolest design, But Bandai is schizophrenic with the quality of their toys when it comes to the U.S. Market. The Mobile Suit Gundam figures were fantastic, but things like Dragonball and Teen Titans were horrible. I hope they do better with the ThunderCats license.

But the real treasure was yesterday.

I went to the Target at Queens Place and I got lucky.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Toy Haul: Target 2 Packs are $3.24!

Click To Believe!
Earlier this week I went to Target and I saw the label. But when I scanned it and punched in the DCPI it came up as $12.99 which is too much for my blood.

But this price is just perfect. This is the cheapest I've ever seen Marvel Universe Figures. The pack to get is the Wolverine one, since it's a unique head sculpt.

I think that this Sunday we should be getting the 2 for 10 sale again. If I'm wrong this time. Then I guess I'll just check every week.

Good Luck!

Save 20 Percent at Hasbro Toy Shop

Spring is in the air, and so are tax returns.

I don't know when this promo started but, since I got paid today I decided to check Hasbro Toy Shop. And wouldn't you know it they had a promo code.


Just enter that when you are about to check out and watch the savings happen.

To see how much I would save I entered a wave of 12 figures. The wave is $94.99. But with the code it all comes out to $92.49. That includes the shipping and the tax.

I tried with Galactus. And from the original price of 49.99, it all came out to $56.53. Not so much savings but at least it covers the tax and the shipping.

If you do use this be aware that it's not supposed to work on all products. And I recommend getting something that won't show up in stores soon, or is exclusive to the shop.

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