Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Marvel Universe Fan's Choice=TEH FUTURE??!!

Ok Everybuggy, while browsing Cool Toy Review I came across this old article dated way back from March 9 2009, And I fell in love...well, with the prospect that we would get some of these figures. Check the list our and then come back hear for my opinions.

Cool Toy Review list of Fan's Choice Figures

As I mentioned before on my wish list post, Fan's choice figures are redundant. Oafe.net mentions that it's Usually a scam on their review of Marvel Universe's Mystique. And I agree with it. I want to one up the cold heartedness and say they don't care about us. Only about money. And I don't blame them "Business is Business."

Alrighty then!

There are a lot of figures on this list that have been made since, you'll know who they are I don't have to tell you. But I want to say that I'd like to see:

  • Captain America characters like Batroc and Baron Von Strucker: Given that Marvel/Hasbro knew about the movie way before the trailers. It's a good bet that we will see more of these figures.
  • X-Men Uniform Team with Lilandra: X-Men First Class is coming out this year. And we already got a Wolverine.
  • Alpha Flight: We got Guardian and again can you say "X-Men Movie?"
I can see Hasbro working it way to build the X-Men #1 team from the 90's, since we got Wolverine,Cyclops,Jean,Archangel and Magneto. But I'm sure they will take their sweet time just like they did with the figures they already released that were on the list.

Well that's it. There are a lot of characters that I don't want to see on the list like Brother Voodoo and The Beyonder. But at least this is a good guideline to what to expect. Let me know what guys you want the most on this list by leaving a comment below. If you're not to shy.
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